Coolest castle on earth?? You decide (22 Photos)

The Neuschwanstein Castle is more like something out of a dream or some epic fairy tale then reality. Located over the wooded hills in the Bavarian Alps this castle is often regarded as the most beautiful castle in the world.

  • Toaster

    I’ve been there, it’s awesome.

    • TK

      I’ve got #13 as a poster in my room when I went over there. If you are anywhere near Bavaria, you MUST go to it!

    • kristi1313

      I’ve been there as well as beautiful as these pics are the 24 karat walls and mirrors are the most beautiful!

      • LOL

        Things NOT TO MISS in Bavaria:
        1) this castle
        a) the throne room floor…mosaic…SPEC-FUCKIN’-TACULAR.
        b) the bed that has the church spire carvings on it
        c) the community below is just truly quaint in many respects…touristy in others.
        2) the place where the monks make the 90 proof liqueur. omg.
        3) the chocolate…pick a fucking vein & pour it in because I am addicted.
        4) get a cuckoo clock & send it to your Mom. She’ll LOVE it & when she dies, you’ll get it back. 😉
        I can think of more, but that’s enough for now. 😉

        Chive on. 😛

  • Tom Wetton

    Yeah, been there as well… it is epic… a living postcard

  • You're Welcome

    I’ve been there as well. Love the little yellow castle in the back that looks like a guest house.

    • JL

      The castle in the background and closer to the lake is Hohenschwangau Castle or Schloss Hohenschwanstein. King Ludwig II grew up there before building Neuschwanstein Castle.

      I have been to Neuschwanstein twice, and yes I was able to take non flash photos int he building.

      • CunningLinguist

        your information is correct, but i live in bayern and the last time i was there(about 3 months ago) they said no photography of any kind. BTW for those of you interested, this castle is at the top of a very steap hill, in a mountainous area. be prepared to do alot of walking and climbing.

  • Thesnowplowj

    Ludwig II wasn't insane, he was just misunderstood. He was labeled as insane by the nobles who used that to take him off the throne. To be fair though he was compiling massive amounts of debt building these modest retreats for himself. Also the big mystery comes down to whether or not he drowned accidentally, or was murdered.

    • Lance

      Also there is his basement that no one is allowed in. It was his own picture of what hell would look like. There is suppose to be a lot murals with very sexually explicit renderings. Which is why the public isn't allowed in it.

  • thetachilu

    yeah, it’s even more gorgeous in person

  • BillH

    Think that’s cool? Post some pics of Burg Eltz…makes this one look like nothing more than a tourist trap.

    • John

      false statement…although Burg Eltz is cool, I have no idea how you can say it is better than this one.

      Nice pics by the chive as always

  • AA

    Second coolest castle on earth after White Castle.

    • yep

      u are the smartest man alive.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Damn, can you say ” heating bill?”

  • ChrisDG74

    Been there also, June of 1988. 7th grade month-long “field trip”.

  • w00p

    Disney took this castle for their logo

  • yup

    i ve been there too back in 41′ when the Nazis were doing work…

  • Equalizer

    Disney land?

  • Steve

    Yea, this castle was Walt Disney’s inspiration for the Magic Kingdom castle. I was there around 1989, its funny when you tour it considering how much of the interior is incomplete. The guy who built it, King Ludwig, was a bit of a nutter and apparently almost bankrupted Germany with a bunch of half built castles..

    • yikes

      Yes, Ludwig II who became insane, was put under tutelage and drowned himself. And the castle is rather a château.

      • SaintxXxAsh

        That’s badass. A real man drowns himself, it’s the only dignified way to die.

    • Carn

      Bavaria is NOT Germany and vice versa

  • garp

    …damn cool looking castle, also was used in filming Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    • exbuffnav

      You can also see it towards the end of “The Great Escape” when James Garner and Donald Pleasance are trying to escape in a Fieseler Storch. Although, if they had made it, they would have only made it to Austria, which was allied with Germany (which is also where the Von Trapp family was heading at the end of “The Sound of Music”).

      • exbuffnav

        Excuse me, the Von Trapps were in Austria, and were heading towards Germany–my bad.

  • Maddog

    This is the castle Walt Disney based Cinderella’s castle off of. It is located at the hieght of a steep climb through beautiful Bavarian forestry. Walt was a true visionary! How else could he know that Americans would eventually be too obese, and therefore unable to make the climb to see the real thing!?

  • HellHathNoFury

    I am officially jealous. The view alone is worth living in a tent for. I’ve seen the pics a million times and never knew where it is. Now, some pics of Ainwick, where Harry Potter was filmed, please?

  • Nagrom


    The lighting on #8 makes it look almost identical to the Disney castle.

  • HardCore Mike

    I wanna see pics of the interior.

    • mssugarkane

      i second that motion

      • snephie82

        They don’t let you take photos on the inside. the only way to see it is to go there, or buy a book. There’s even a room there that was made to look like the inside of a cave.

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    It’s a pretty castle, but not the coolest, in my opinion anyway. What’s bad is that my dad got to go there, but even though my mother and I were over there too, we never got the chance to check it out. Of course I was only one year old at the time, so I wouldn’t have remembered it anyway. But I’d have loved to be able to say I’ve been in a castle, especially since after coming back from Germany I’ve been stuck in shit hole Kansas ever since, surrounded by nothing but fields.

  • Chaim

    A bit too cramped for my comfort.

  • snephie82

    I believe they used this castle in the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

  • Katie

    My French teacher [who was ironically German] had posters of this castle, along with others, all over her classroom. We dubbed this one the ‘Fairytale castle’ and it shall forever maintain that name!

  • reinhardman

    I think that the Castle in Schwerin, Germany is the best castle I’ve ever seen. This castle most definitely wins for the location, no question there, but the actual esthetic of the castle isnt all that great. I’ve also been there and as many have already stated it wasnt really ever finished which is a shame. Either way, another reason is that the Schwerin castle is used as the seat of government in that area, which just makes me happy that its not just a museum, which far too many castles have become : (
    Anyway, there are a few other reasons, but I’m sure you guys don’t really care, just if you are ever in north-eastern Germany, I would suggest a trip to Schwerin, it’s very nice and there is an amazing Opera House there. Also the history of the leaders that ruled that area is just fun, and there is an amazing mural depicting one of the most famous leaders being led into a trap and then pretty much wiping out all of the attackers, then to be taken out by the traitor within his group. That’s how I remember it at least, went there 7 years ago so might be a bit off, either way its great.

  • Kakao

    that’s a pain to maintain…

  • Naga Raja


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