Daily Afternoon Randomness (34 Photos)

  • masshole

    #20: that’s a good question. why ARE australians me??

  • dor

    bustier! tits or gtfo

  • Rory Erikson

    Mischa Barton looks hot.
    those are just some weird grandma jeans.

    • MissChris

      Yea, honestly it’s pretty sad to me when anyone classifies Mischa Barton as “fat”. I mean geez, it looks like she’s put on a little weight but she’s not Roseanne Barr!

      • ChrisDG74

        Exactly my thought. She looks NORMAL. The high-waisted pants have to go though.

      • norm

        Who the hell is “Mischa Barton”?

  • HellHathNoFury

    i’ll spare you guys my comments
    ugh, intent fail.

  • Jess

    OH MY GOD!!! Mischa Barton is still skinnier than a normal sized person! Alert the media.

  • x-nun

    Bacon tux FTW!!!!! Bacon always wins.

    • dougster3000

      bacon tux for the win.

  • toilet paper

    Cookies, huh? I’m sold.

  • Fuzzybeard2016

    #6 Baba Yaga’s Hut!

    • Rob

      Glad I’m not the only one to think that. 🙂

  • sabmah

    #30 is from my country – NEPAL. its the day you worship dogs. haha funny to see that on chive

  • streetdeath

    17 IS A FRIGGIN WIN!!! not a fail!!

  • Blip

    18 is actually a good idea. Tokyo subway entrances smell like Sake-piss……..always.

    • grifis

      It’s in Korea, and it would smell like soju.

  • bubble_rider86

    now that she’s stopped chunking up her meals (allegedly) she’s actually a healthy girl and not a walking toothpick….she just needs better clothes, but she’s NOT FAT!

  • bubble_rider86

    and maybe some shampoo

  • Anonymous

    OMG….#1’s front leg is tripping me out….It’s all bent the wrong way….

    • P-90


  • Nateb123

    I can imagine somewhere else I’d like to have #7 tied up…

  • Rebz

    What the hell is that creature in that box in no.9?
    Its not a cat, right?

    • Nateb123

      It’s a Great Horned Owl.

      • top dog

        And it look pissed!

  • Dreamy

    # 16 Reminds me of the mad hatter… on weed mkay?

    This randomness was up to the usual high chive standards, hurray! 🙂

    • anoyomous

      Number 16 is Paul Mccartney, ya know of The Beatles

  • luca

    i don´t get #2. it´s not democratic or what?

    • Anonymous

      Funniest photo here… Orwell wrote a book, way in the past, his idea of the future was what is happening in #2, and everywhere else…. “Big brother” is watching you..

  • crazy_chiver

    #7 if that was in Dallas last weekend, I think I saw you there…

    • raptonomnom

      Indeed, i was there. Had a blast! Maybe i saw you too?

      • crazy_chiver

        maybe, even if you did you probably wouldn’t have noticed me… i’d say I have tats on my arms but that wouldn’t do you a bit of good…

        I was only there Saturday Night, saw Lucero and some of shooter jennings… spent the rest of the night at July Ally and Elm Street Tattoo…

        • raptornomnom

          Well you will have to hoot me a pic, im sure id remember you 🙂

          • crazy_chiver

            I’m not familiar with how to hoot a pic, or where I would hoot it to either 🙂

            • raptornomnom

              its really pretty complicated. Its like tweeting, but not for pussies.

              (*i laughed as soon as i hit send on that one…hoot…call me Tardy the Turtle)

  • Equalizer

    #23 good parenting, I hope dad is not drunk that time…

  • P-90

    #20 Mwahahha stoopid Australians!.

  • P-90

    #7 More pics please.

    • raptonomnom

      Flattered my fellow Chiver, Im very Flattered!

  • drainbrain

    #2 is a great picture

  • raptonomnom

    Yup, i was at Musink all weekend, great time! Sorry no boobies….this time.

  • Elchronico

    Warning to anyone wanting a bacon suit or that has one, if ever I see you on the street I might
    put you in between two pieces of bread for a good old fashion BACON SANDWICH. You’ve been warned.

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