Diesel claims sex sells. Does it? (6 photos)

  • Evan

    They need to eat more. Seriously.

    • Equalizer

      That’s how model is

    • Randomnes

      You need to eat less.

      Those girls are sexy as fuck

      • Eric

        I am going to have to agree ^^ Lay off the double cheebies

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000856050565 George Danger Cruz

        ok calm down, they are pretty but not sexy as fuck. being half naked doesnt make em sexy. and they do look malnourished.

  • garp

    …I don’t feel the least bit encouraged to dash out to buy a pair of diesel jeans

  • Anonmouse

    Sex does sell…just check out Craigslist.

    When I see an ad like this, it never makes me want to go buy the product. Sure, I’ll check out the pics but as far as wanting to buy something simply because some skin is shown with the product? Nope.

  • Brandon

    Nope. I don’t feel any more likely to spend $300 on a pair of jeans that look like they’ve been worn by an anorexic hobo for 2 months.

  • Uncle Fumbles

    Yeah the add sucks, but I still love the jeans!

  • Easy E

    I shop at target… and sport those mother $%^&ers like a boss… hahahaha Screw this ad.

    You know what I find funny? People have neglected to acknowledge what is beautiful to the eyes, and what is beautiful to the touch. All these chicks boney ass’s would hurt your pelvis..lololol

  • Lyndsey

    All these chicks look about 14 years old… not sexy, where the curves at?!

    • Llama

      Apparently the advertising companies decided that all men like women who have body shape indistinguishable from that of a man.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Sex Sells… but, I’m not paying for it! Seems like anorexic teens with conformity issues buy.
    Give me a real girl, a couple of drinks and a pair of Levi’s… ( I’ll save $250 in the long run)

    • kirts197

      amen to that!!

    • Nateb123

      Right on. I just got complimented on the “wear of my jeans” by a lady friend who thinks she’s particularly fashionable. They were Levis I got on sale for 20 bucks. Wear them enough and they’ll get you that $300 pair of jeans look in no time!

  • Matt

    It would be sexy if they ate more.

  • confused

    I want whatever they’re selling

  • Banko

    Seems anorectics also sells.

  • idonthave1

    Sure it sells. Anything that brings up a topic like this – sells. You might not want to buy this product now, but they already put the idea in your head. In the near future, when you think about buying jeans, you will have a consideration of diesel. Or you will talk about this with a friend and influence their decision.

    • ssss9999

      No, I won’t.

  • ssss9999

    Is it just me, or do some of these women looks like their heads are too big for their bodies?

  • HellHathNoFury

    Sex does sell. But then you get an unfortunate rash that will no doubt be found after the police swarm your motel room, arrest you and strip-search you. It’s so not worth the $5.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Dibs on the second girl in 1 and the guy in 5.

  • anystranger

    Well, the chicks look so unattractive to me that I really did look at the jeans all the time…
    Agreed with most here – they should get some curves on those bones ( #6 was ok)

    • Westfall Boars Preservation Society

      You people whining about “curves” and “skinniness” are just wisely lowering your expectations. You acknowledge that someone of your impressive girth could not possibly attract one of these hot, fit, skinny chicks – you’re only trying to convince yourself (and society) that “fat” is the new norm. Well, keep trying – maybe one day “fat” WILL be the new norm, but it ain’t today.

      • Nateb123

        Curves can be had on a woman without being fat. In fact the girls who work out and actually have a bit of muscle tend to have more pleasant curves than girls who don’t exercise regularly (whether they’re just a bit chubby or skinny). They still have fat, just not tons, and they’re healthier than other extreme. So what we’re saying is “being healthy is sexy”, something very different than what you got out of the posts.

      • HellHathNoFury

        Skinny does not equal ‘fit’ in the least. ‘Fit’ people almost never have bones showing, because they have muscle and a healthy amount of body fat covering them. Skinny people have no endurance because they’re not used to doing anything. They just sit and don’t eat. Try to get any one of those models to run a mile. Scratch that, a quarter-mile, without collapsing. I’m over 125 at 5′ 0″ and I’m not fat at all, but I’m definitely not skin and bones.

        • Anonymous

          no u r fat

  • Westfall Boars Preservation Society


    • Nateb123

      Despite just refuting your previous post here, I must give credit where it’s due. That was an awesome reference to Megadeth’s best song.

      Personally I think sex only sells to people who can’t get it for free 😛

  • fz

    Anorexic chicks are great because they are so insecure that it’s easy as hell to get in their pants. Plus, most of them are infertile because extended malnutrition destroys their reproductive system. So to sum it: Skinny, Easy, Naive, and unable to get pregnant. WIN.


  • slutifer

    so now for me diesel is associated with skinny meth-addict-like chicks and dudes who are prolly selling their asses for money, great work diesel. but i dont wear jeans anyways.

  • mssugarkane

    I think sex sells to an extent. You can have sexy and sophisticated, this is just trashy.
    These girls have no figures and the guys look like they’re drugged, but if you’re into it, so be it.
    I’m not gonna get into the whole ‘real woman body’ thing, but personally i like girls in ads with curves, like myself, im not saying they have to be a plus size model,but at least not look like a 12 tr old boy.

    • mssugarkane

      *year old boy

  • reinhardman

    I think that these adds are absolutely hilarious! And to the people up there discussing whether sex does sell, the answer is a resounding YES! otherwise a lot of companies would not be in business. Also I find that although these images are sexy (for the most part) the selling point is the humor and admitting that they sell their products with sex. Completely different angle. And who the hell cares if models are skinny, if you dont like them then stop looking at them, let them do their own thing for gods sake, they let you sit at home and ridicule them dont they? And anyway, if they look like 12 year old boys then you should be getting all the guys, no? cuz what straight man would want to sleep with a boy who is 12. If the world (or the audience who sees these pictures) really wanted to see a girl with curves in their ads, then believe me, the ads would have curves. The companies dont care what the people want to see, they just show it to them.

    • reinhardman

      Oh, and sorry for the long post, I didn’t mean to ramble on so long.

      • mssugarkane

        Most of the comments agree that sex does sell, but the way it is portrayed is entirely wrong at times. Yes there are a lot of people who think that these models are gorgeous, but there are many that don’t. It’s the designer labels that refuse to believe that there is anything else considered sexy other than extreme thinness.
        As for the sex part, i still think you can use it to sell items without being trashy or inappropriate, like these ads in particular.

  • Sid

    sex does sell, but when it’ subtle.
    it didn’t appeal to any senses, mainly cause SEX was all over, kinda forcing me to picture sex, and not letting it come to me because it was triggered.
    however, i agree with the fact those girls need to eat.
    if there was a shot of how nice their asses fit the jeans, i’d be more tempted to buy those jeans.

  • terry

    so are they hookers? i don’t understand what they are trying to sell

  • ted

    I’d buy that for a dollar!

  • yoboi

    You crazies talk too much.

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