Fad: Kids trying to look EXACTLY like Justin Bieber. I’m moving to Canada (23 Photos)

  • Nathan

    I just hurt myself, see what happens when youth look like this innocennt people get hurt because we have to look at them. Well No More

    • Jawbone

      You look like part of the problem too, you whiny little emo douchebag. "I hurt myself, the internet makes me feel sad". Fucking idiot.

  • Nathan

    That really Grinds My Gears, I am sick now to my stomach and may go hurt myself.

    • Yes

      You know what really grinds my gears? Family Guy references.

    • what?

      i have to agree, i wonder what the generation after this one will look like. i envision some kind of american version of asian ladyboys, where you can’t tell the difference between the sexes. it’s ok because by then no one will care any way. FREE FOR ALL!!!

    • pat

      I think it's great these young men have found a way to express their blossoming homosexuality and communicate openly to all their desire to have anal sex with one another in public restrooms. Gay pride knows no bounds, I suppose. Only problem I see is that any two of these guys that get together are faced with a dilemma-they both want to be on the bottom while biting the pillow….

  • HellHathNoFury

    16-take off that Death cab shirt, now. You don’t deserve it. MY band.
    What the hell is with these (mostly) lesbians trying to attract homosexual pedophiles? Justin beiber is like, 15.

  • CMG

    Who is Justin Bieber?

    • trogdor

      Exactly my thoughts, mate

    • SreyaNotfilc

      Dunno, but I’m leaning towards a male version Miley Cyrus.

      • slutifer

        u mean a female version of miley cyrus ???

  • at work


  • la1co2st3e

    i’ll join u plz can i

  • mook

    I smack these type of children when I see them, either physically or verbally.

    Where are the parents in these situations?

    Where is the father in this situation?

    • Rob

      >Where is the father in this situation?

      Probably been emasculated by political correctness, schools, and governments.

      • 100window

        Yeah, I hear that Political corectness is all about taking the penis off fathers too.

        • JDub

          pretty much. There's no parenting anymore and most kids are raised by their moms cause unless she's a violent crack whore the courts always grant custody to the mom no matter how much it fucks up the kid especially boys! thats where this over femanized generation of males comes from

  • chiver

    i want to kick all their asses

  • ORLY

    that’s it, we’re all fucked

  • untold

    abandon all hope ye who enter here

  • jaydub

    is this some type of hybrid preppy homo emo douchebag???….also what kind of agent do you have if you cant change that last name…bieber=lame….the wussification of america continues….

    • tommybhoy

      Word of the day….wussification

  • Anonmouse

    All of these boys that will grow up and be glad those new marriage laws passed in their state.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    I feel the bile passing the back of my tongue…
    is it me or does the ” real” one look like Adam Rich from “8 is Enough”?

  • HellHathNoFury

    Edit: I have no problem with lesbians in general. But the ones that try to look like little boys need to stop. Same as the girls that dress up like dolls and schoolgirls. They’re fueling a pedo-fire and making it ‘acceptable’. That burns my bacon.
    *moves into homemade underground bomb shelter*

    • inv8erzim

      no edit necessary.

    • yeahsure

      Can i join you in your shelter,one way or the other the world is turning to poo and i dont want to be apart of it any longer

      • HellHathNoFury

        Must bring:
        hot girl, at least one
        toilet paper

        • yeahsure

          At least one hot girl,or toilet paper? I can do both,also i have an extensive DVD collection….we could burn that as a source of heat and amusment……except my Stargate collection….that must be wrapped in gold foil and enjoyed regularly.

  • Christopher

    Since when did androgyny become cool? Stupid emo kids…

  • krisb

    As a 30 something heterosexual male, I have one question – WHO THE HELL IS JUSTIN BEIBER? Some Disney channel singer or something?

  • Joey

    Emos without make-up? This belongs on the Berry

  • Equalizer

    Is this thechive? I want to see chichs, boobies, tatas, tits… am I at theberry?

  • Switter

    Except, of course, Justin Bieber is actually from Canada.

    • garp

      …birthed, and then we promptly shipped him to the U.S.

  • Matt

    Douchebags are getting younger and younger nowadays.

  • jaydub

    did anybody notice the big dildo in the fridge???….it had 2 eyes and a mouth

  • ron

    Not ONE hair on the balls of these boys.

    Wusses… all of them.

  • Imonfyre

    Hate to break it to you, but that haircut was popular with the wannabe emo/skater kids long before that little punks balls didnt drop.

  • Daniel

    I fear for the future. Why do they want to look like little pussies? I’m 23 but back when i was average age of these douches, If you looked like that you would have your ass beaten into the ground.

  • P-90

    Some of these kids really need a slap.

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