Fad: Kids trying to look EXACTLY like Justin Bieber. I’m moving to Canada (23 Photos)

  • FartFace

    what the EFF is wrong with this stupid country? i want to find each and every person in these pictures, including Justin Bieber, and punch them all in their mouths.

  • Gil125

    my wife and daughters call him Justin the Beaver

  • terry

    i like that emo is “its own look and its non-conformist” oh wait every homo with long is doing it…hmmmm

  • Monocular Cunt

    I suppose this is proof that chemicals are changing the testosterone levels in people. A generation of little poofs.

  • zackatown

    number 5 = oversized condom=roll that shit down and suffocate the little douchbag

    if only his/her father used one

  • hoovus

    well if you come here al you get are Avril Lavigne and nickleback wannabes. trust me, this isn’t that bad

  • SAK

    #9 is my grandmother. #16 needs an attitude adjustment, nothing that being chained to a post for a week in the basement of an outlaw bikers’ clubhouse wouldn’t cure. If you’re a faggy wimp, don’t snarl, because if makes you look stupid. He/she/it, whatever gender it has, reminds me of a snarling worm or ladybug.

  • dave


  • west

    this all makes me sad..

  • alex

    I look at this beeb kid and all I can see is teeth. giant. horse. teeth.

    even when his mouth is closed.

  • me

    fucking stupid ass kids….always following some crap…be yourself be UNIQUE and be a man(woman)…just dumb..

  • shambala

    yo John, you want to move to Canada to find more Biebers? we should be blaming Canada, first fucking Celine Dion and now this little bastard….

  • Kadie

    FYI: most of these are girls.

  • Monokuro

    In Germany, like every guy between 10 ~ 18 looks like this. :/

  • heather

    eh these are almost all lesbians. looks like I’ll have to go straight until this fad dies down. shaaame.

  • Da Cuntstabber

    Death cab for cutie is a song by the great Neil Innes.

    ye knew that big ol’ cunt?

  • iuvgty

    almost no one wants to look like bieber.. they just want to look like emo and scene but they fail but not all of them some of them are cute 😀

  • cheezebits

    #9 reminds me of the hobbit Pippin from Lord of the rings.

  • Adrian

    Justin Bieber is from Canada. Why would you run there?

  • macman1987

    pretty sure most of those are lesbo's

    • Johnny

      Posted on Im glad to have located this post as its such an itireesntng one! I am always on the lookout for quality posts and storys so i suppose im lucky to have found this! I hope you will be adding more in the future

  • Anonymous

    None of these poeple look like justin i only like number 2 because it is justin

  • Megan

    I'm pretty sure 90% of these are women… Gotta be…


    So… Much… Fail……. must resist urge to hunt down and beat these little girls.

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