Leaf art, you heard me right (8 Photos)

The making of these leaves is pretty amazing really. The outer surface of the leaf is removed with specially hand crafted tools, leaving the vein of the leaf intact. The artist then meticulously carves an image on the leaf by hand. These images come from Dean Prator, 55, President of Leaf Carving Art.

  • jeff in Australia

    I find the fact that leaf carving has it’s own president just as amazing as the leaf art…

  • Mustafa_Beer

    How many leaves went up in smoke before he decided to try this?
    puff, puff………..pass!

  • http://myragehush.wordpress.com myragehush

    Really cool. Maybe someday there’ll be a leaf with PedoBear on it.

  • Equalizer

    You really need to have a girlfriend

  • Brandon Mead

    If you step on #5 you’re a sinner.

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