Air kayaking. For when regular skydiving bores you. (11 photos)

  • First!!

    Thats cool.


  • Elchronico


  • Geekenstein


  • Equalizer

    I hate that chive milk ad! It keep on popping everytime I open a post…

  • garp

    …meh is right, jump with a kayak, jump with a surfboard, jump sitting in a car, jump sitting on a couch, yawn…like do something original if you want to impress, jump riding a tiger strapped to a shark

  • top dog

    HEY!! Why not call it Skyyaking!

  • nomad

    I hate stupid red bull advertisements. The more stupid it is the most certain they gonna put an their logo on it

  • Pooping hippo

    What if they miss the water?

  • kp

    nice landing!

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  • Toby Syer

    i think you mean Skyaking

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