Animals that don’t suck (24 Photos)

  • inv8erzim

    the dude and the hippo look alike.. a little…. maybe. FTW !!

  • Judgmnt

    I used to have a pet squirrel monkey (#11) when I was growing up… His name was sinbad

    • inv8erzim

      my uncle had one as I was growing up, too. It was cool while it was younger, but when it got up in age—- man, did it get nasty.

  • rmm318

    #24 looks like my parents dog. hahaha.

    hippo wins all though.

  • Equalizer

    #1 Nice Photobomb

  • Toaster

    People expect Koalas to sound cute and cuddly: they don’t. They make a loud, gruff, almost scary sounding noise. I suspect the woman in #19 is discovering this. I love seeing the expression on tourists’ faces when they hear a Koala. It’s hilarious.

    • HellHathNoFury

      The one I heard sounded like an old man coughing. Same way my cute bunnies growl quite loudly and go whupwhupwhup like a helicopter.

  • inv8erzim

    I think all these involve animal exploitation and should be taken off this post immediately.

    nah, just kidding. CHIVE ON! MUAHAHAHA!

  • bryainiac

    i love the fennec fox, i want one as a pet.
    #17 in case nobody knew what i was talking about which i wouldn’t know if i didn’t already know, you know?

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Oh, the women I could please if I had #9’s tongue…

  • Nagrom



  • Corgi's Rule

    Really? No one’s commented on #2? I’ve got a Pembroke Welsh Corgi at home like the one in the picture. They’re pretty much awesome and adorable and always so playful 🙂 Also..He’s just pretending to do work..really he was looking at porn.

  • lol

    In number 6 hes like look at my penis! Lol.

    • Ken

      OK, how many readers DIDN’T go back up to look at #6?

      That Polar Bear of #4 SO wants to eat that kid.

      My fave is the lemur reaching for the butterly.

      IU’ve worked with Fennec fox kits before like in #17. They are tiny (~3lbs for weaned kits) and not mean but they are really, really squirrely. Not anything that would likely jump in your lap and let you pet it. Besides their insane ears, the bottoms of their feet are entirely furred, likely to protect them from the hot sand of their native digs.

  • AA

    water tiger ftw.

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  • wtf

    so seriously , how do you snag a job remixing photo’s , every single picture here is old and overused from around the net, and all you’ve done is slap em together like some drunk with a gluestick at the family picnic. 0 out of 5 just for being a working version of grandma linking lolcats for the 10000th time.

  • lokobo



  • Dov

    17 is SO adorable..

  • Snatch

    #15 looks like a PhotoShop. The lighting on the snarling wolf’s mouth looks really out of place/artificial.

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