Presenting… your childhood (24 Photos)

  • Anonymotopus

    Mmmmm chocolate tacos…

  • fourtwenty

    #22 – i had the ultimate warrior and my bro had hulk hogan. i forgot about those. nice one chive.

  • razor

    Still wearing Spidey Underoos!

  • Chris

    Heee! Had so much fun with #14 😀

  • Donkeesha

    I never knew they made a fat Porkins. That is AWESOME!

  • Bob

    #20, holy shit i want one

  • SaintxXxAsh

    Pogs! Oh sweet sweet pogs. With the plastic tubes to hold all of them. Dont forget the SLAMMER!

    • SreyaNotfilc

      My slammer was unstoppable. I had a Lion King one that flipped a stack of 25. No like!

      • SreyaNotfilc


        • Bob

          Anyone remember the “Pure Poison” Pogs?? Those were like the golden standard. I used to trade 10-15 solid regular pogs for a single Pure poison Pog. EPIC

          • Anonymous

            Yess the Pure Poison Pogs. I do remember! I was getting a bit old for those at the time. Thank goodness my siblings were so much younger.

            And the Dream Cast! I still have one!

  • IceBerg

    #14 just made my f’n day! where the hell can I buy that?

    • 1337drewby

      Hell yeah, dude. MARBLEWORKS!! I still have mine up in the attic… gonna blow some kid’s MIND some day!

  • ChrisDG74

    *sheds a single tear for childhood long gone

  • Joey

    #23 I remember begging my mom to get that background because it was so cool. I never got it though cause it was too expensive…always had the generic blue cloudy one

  • top dog

    Naaaa! it’s over man, it was fun while it lasted.

  • mm

    shark bites ar “JAWsome”

  • Mattythegooch


  • Metatoast

    Man I remember all of these from when I was a kid. Thanks Chive for bringing back the good memories.

  • Merrrr


    • TayTay

      That’s EXACTLY what I was gonna say!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Holy crap, i still wear Underoos. Juts bought me some How To Train Your Dragon, 3 pack. Go on, judge away.

    • elchronico

      If you need it you need it…

      • Mattythegooch

        3 pack?? Well, helloooooo high roller!

    • vicdamone505

      Well where are the pix of you modeling them?

      • HellHathNoFury

        Fatteh McFatterson’s Fall Fashions

        • cowpoke

          I’ve seen that issue, it’s pretty phat.

  • elchronico

    If only that echo microphone lasted until I was first introduced to Weed : ( But we gots the vader echo mask now I love technology : )

  • Battleangel

    Where are the Scratch and Sniff stickers?

  • Equalizer

    When WWE were formerly known as WWF. Those good old days….

  • bubble_rider86

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, i love these you guys….they always make me smile……yay childhood

  • TotoA

    Nooooo, i recently throw away my Hulk Hogan. Great post

  • bubble_rider86

    and i wish i could still rock the underoos….stupid lady lumps…..=P

    • HellHathNoFury

      Lucky you! I feel like a fatteh when i buy the boys size 16-18, but they fit and a fachillion times more awesome than girlie underwear.

      • femtrooper

        I buy little boys shirts in large, just cuz they always have cooler stuff on them, lol.

  • uberbrie

    Um…duck hunt!

  • confused

    pogs are awesome, i want to get them again

  • reecedawg1

    i still play bop it, I didn’t know it was old.

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