Presenting… your childhood (24 Photos)

  • keithp420

    Shark bites, F- yes! I used to always fish out the shark and eat it first…

  • femtrooper

    Im actually eating a pizza lunchables..I never grew out of loving them.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Speaking of Underoos…*wiggly creeper eyebrows*

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t anything be as cool now as everything was back then?! Kids today have no idea what they missed out on.

  • Kirbster

    So many of my parents quarters waisted on the Criusin’ USA game at the local supermarket. *sigh…

  • femtrooper

    Its my best feature, unfortunately it makes all shorts look like underoos. Lol.

  • The Dude

    Bop IT
    Twist IT
    Pull IT

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    Is it sad that I still have my pogs? Nope . . . it’s AWESOME!

  • at work

    that kid in #6 is a hero

  • AA

    Pog-container bongs……now that takes me back to junior high!

  • hooliganb

    how is it you name a post about cats and dogs “Tom and Jerry,” and then post a picture of the actual Tom and Jerry (a cat and mouse) in the same day?

  • Eirik

    #11: Could you really get your photos finished in just one day? Wow!

  • Ken

    Boy, the box of Mr. Bubbles is one of my first childhood memories of a product. I don’t remember the “mild formula” though. Does it come in non-mild formulas, like sulfuric acid strength formulas?

  • Srmoska

    I have a dreamcast 🙂

    but everythign is so early 90’s, you should had put like a SNES with steet fighter 2


    Holy Shit! #23 Everyone wanted the laser background
    for school pics. Good times.

  • Nizati

    Ah Bopit… We had the extreme version….. My sister was amazing at that game… she… she actually beat it. I mean, outright, went til It stopped… i think it was at 1000 hits. I didn’t think it was possible….

  • Brandon

    OMFG, amazing! 10, 15, 16 and 22 FTW!

  • anymouse


  • *freemustacherides*

    man, being a kid was badass

  • Nick

    #24… I love Dilly Bars

  • Marilyn

    I remember everything except for 10 and 13. My sister and I held on to our marble works for the longest time!!!! What in the world is “COED NAKED SOFTBALL” and why is it part of some people’s childhoods?

  • Edna

    Posted on I have to say Andy (Andrew) Cole as Ive never seen the Toon blub so much over losing a plyaer, how quick we forget that he and Pedro had the highest goals to game ratio as strike partners, followed by Pedro and Sir Les.

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