Real life Tom and Jerry’s (11 photos)

  • Robbo

    I thought Tom and Jerry were a cat and mouse, isn’t spike the dog’s name or is that just in looney toons

  • Easy E

    Tom and Jerry were a Cat and a Mouse.. like Itchy and Scratchy… I’m confused…

  • Easy E

    See, Robbo catches my

  • inv8erzim

    # 11, not sure if both (feet) are in bounds……… great effort, however.

  • Geekenstein

    hmmmmmmm Jerry looks much more like a dog than a mouse in these photos…..

  • Angus

    Nice kung fu drop kick in #10. You even have a little spit flying from the dog’s mouth.

  • Blip

    Nice set of picts, funny. Though naming FAIL.

  • Bob

    #3 is awesome

  • Equalizer


    Tom and Jerry (title) – FAIL!

  • TR

    #10 is one bad ass cat! Ninja kick with Laser eyes ready to activate.

  • joe

    no, retards, it says Tom and Jerrys, with an “s” – so animals that act like the cat and mouse did. Am I the only intelligent person here?

    • Joey

      Apparently not, i hate to do this but im bored hence why i visit the chive in the first place..the title is “real life tom and jerry’s” (apostophe s) which indicates possession which is already wrong to begin with. Jerry’s what? So no you aren’t intelligent, in fact you are the retard. A better fitting title would’ve been real life garfield and ody

      • HellHathNoFury


    • Not Joe

      You're an idiot. The fact that there is an "s" in no way changes the wrong meaning of the title. What kind of bullshit grammar are you pretending to know?

      I see you spell "joe" with an "e". The "e" means you improperly wipe your ass.

  • MaxSpain

    More like Scratchy and Poochie…

  • Anonymous

    Cats and dogs living together. . .it will be anarchy.

  • Bandit

    Cats and dogs living together. . .it will be anarchy

  • HellHathNoFury

    8-see the nice kitteh? Why the hell would anyone want a cat? They may be creatures with feelings, but i’m sure those are all feelings of resentment and hatred.

    • inv8erzim

      Cats have a sh*t list. You’re either on it or you’re not. Very black and white.

  • IBirish

    # 10 = roundhouse kick. chuck norris would be proud

  • Anonymous

    Actually there was a dog in a few tom and jerry episodes who constantly harrased tom and tom tried to get back at.

  • Ken

    The ninja cats in #s 3 & 10 slay every time I see them.

    #11 is new to me and a goodie, “Tag, You’re it!”

  • joe

    you are all so retarded

    • raina

      whoa whoa whoa let’s get some thing straight we all are not stupid for what we say and if you’re gonna say things like that maybe you should play around on another website

  • christian G.

    haha idiots the chive doesnt even know who tom and jerry are. if you would have used my picture you might have not looked like such idiots. that is all.

    • raina

      well, who cares if the chive doesn’t know who tom and jerry is? and you shouldn’t call that person an idiot

  • raina

    hi i think Bill Cho would be proud of Round House and that cat can really kick like a ninja

  • raina

    also where did you get those photo’s? that cat was dead AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joe

    did any of you graduate 8th grade?>

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