There are sexy Chivers among us (28 Photos)

sexy chivers 16 There are sexy Chivers among us (28 Photos)

We want MOAR sexy Chivers! If you’ve got what it takes, get off your cute butt, send us your photos, and collect internet fame. What’s the worst that can happen? Do it for your country!

Chive On!

  • HHNFFan

    Where’s HHNF?

    • HellHathNoFury

      If I looked like those girls, I would be up there with clothes on.

      • DaddyD

        Pictures are fun to look at. Brains are best for long term. I don’t care if you are ugly, I’m in love!

    • HHNFfanFAN

      I want pics of you buddy!

      • YeaRight

        Whoever believes those are actual pictures of Chivers is an idiot. All those are from the web.

        • MichaelGS

          theyre not all from the web. i know #23 is from facebook. Mainly because i submitted it for the “hot facebook friends” posts that come up rather regularly, so she doesnt technically belong in this post. I will try however persuade her to become a Chiver

  • douche nozzle

    yowzers! #”all-of-them” is hot!

  • Suzie

    my cleavage has finally made the chive. you guys rock!
    (nope i’m not saying which one i am)

    • anon


    • A.T.

      whichever you are.. marry me, lol

    • Stroh

      Hope you have the favre jersey

  • interloper

    something very cute about 24. I have a thing for women who don’t pay attention while driving

    • Anonymous

      soo all of them?

    • HellHathNoFury

      She’s looking at the road, dip.

  • femtrooper

    #3 and #8 are my favourites! ❤

    • Rusty

      #3 is amazing.

  • w00p

    Thanks to #2, #4, #15 and #25, I’ll be more respectful to women and less macho in my comments starting today. I mean, i gotta seduce them one way or another…

  • fz

    I’m pretty sure that #18 is a photoshop lol

  • HHNFFan

    # 8 Has a “Monica” stain / spot on the front of her dress…

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    So I guess you have to have your boobs popping out of your top to get featured in this, huh? No wonder none of my pics have been. Oh well.

    • forge

      #4 says otherwise. Do you have a truly epic bottom?

      (For the record there’s a vast contingent of guys out here who don’t care how large or small your boobs are or whether they’re exposed or not.)

      • Apoennim

        I’ll second that, Forge!

      • HeartUnderTheRose

        Apparently not the ones who run this site though. Oh well, I don’t think I want to be grouped with half the chicks who get posted anyway.

        • HellHathNoFury

          yup, they don’t like posting my submissions, either. I know there are a billion images uploaded each day, but they sure manage to post the girls that look like this. It’s great that they have great bodies. More power to them, and they’re nice to look at. Any guy that sends in a self-pic is featured, but the girls have to look a certain way. Not every girl is porn-worthy and we may not be as fun to look at, but there are a ton of un-slutty girls who love this site and are real chivers, not just ‘look at me I’m naked’ girls looking for publicity.

          • Djwillflo

            I am #4. I am a Chiver. I visit the site numerous times a day. I take pride in my intelligence, as well as my appearance. I just think it’s interesting that people continually use the “she’s-pretty-so-she-probably-has-no-personality” stereotype. I don’t think people are going off of personal experience, but rather what everyone has said for years. In reality, there are many “genetically unfortunate” women that are stupid and/or have no personality. And there are many “genetically fortunate” women that are intelligent, and have valuable personalities. Brains/personality and looks have no relevance to eachother. I’ve been gawking over hot girls in Chive posts for so long, I figured I would contribute. I’m not going to lie, I’m totally stoked that my picture is up. But there’s nothing more to it. Just enjoy these women! There’s no need to blame anyone, or accuse. I’m proud of my butt! And Im sure if anyone else had it they would be too! Live and let live!

            • forge

              Young lady I would never presume to know what your personality or intelligence are like from looking at a picture of your back side. Which by the way is lovely. From your post however I can tell you are quite sharp and probably a very nice person too, so huzzahs for you and anyone lucky enough to be your friend. As for anyone lucky enough to be your intimate partner, well, we’ll just let that float on by. = )

    • Anonymous

      Your side pic…?
      If so, your breasts are arguing with you..
      Rather talk with who you are, rather than your fleshy bits, which would be nice to touch, nice to look at, but are terrible conversationalists..
      You are much more interesting and important than the shape of you..

      • femtrooper

        Dont mean to argue but it says “sexy” chivers, Sexy usually implioes well…you know.. Im sure if it was a “Adorabley Cute” or a “Shes Pretty in a best friends Sister kinda way” us left out girls would totally be in..

        • femtrooper

          Also I fail at spelling.

          • yay

            omg you guys need to stop whinging, its called sexy chivers (and in case you didn’t notice its the internet and this site is run by guys)…..and ffs hhnf we don’t need to hear your life stories or how your so much better than everyone else, that doesn’t make you a chiver it makes you a douchebag.

            • whatsmyhouse

              Yay FTW.

              “I’m hot but not that kind of hot” has been repeated a little too often.

              In my case “I’m smart by not the kind of smart that passes tests.” That has been holding be back for years. I still cant find it in my heart to begrudge people rewards for being exceptional even if its just being genetically fortunate. In closing SHUDDUPA YO FACE-A!

  • garp

    …Favre pulls off a pretty convincing tranny disguise

  • Anonymous

    #9 should probably have waited until after the herpes flare-up was over to take the pic.

  • forge

    #4 truly epic tuches; #5 God I love women who have some belly.

  • Equalizer

    #23 is HOT!!!

    • DutchieLover

      agreed 23 is my fav

    • cowpoke

      dude, we totally agree 23 is hawt! I must know who she is Chive.

  • drainbrain

    #1 and 23 omg

    • Heywood J Blomy

      Oh Man, #1 ( the one with the camera) Man oh Man. Get more pics of her…I’m having impure thoughts of her……

  • imdb sux


    now if i could just get one into my bedroom/dungeon

  • rmm318

    I’m a girl, and I’ll say that #27…..HOTTTT!

  • sup


  • Vern

    #23 FTW. Oh to be 19 again…

  • Vern

    If you like belly’s, you gotta love #12…

    • vern k

      just now noticed another Vern on here . am enjoying this Chive stuff!!

  • HOT

    Something about #20… Looks badass and smokin hot body. face (and more) please!!!

  • T

    15 always

  • rmm318

    12 & 13 are the same girl…well, the blonde one anyway

    • whatsmyhouse

      same boat too

  • yes sir!

    i know it’s been said but


  • jade

    number 15!
    number 15!
    number 15!
    number 15!
    number 15!

  • trogdor

    15 and 23 are not chivers – u guys cheat 😥

    15 all the way anyway 😀

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