• alextc

    man #15 is like a goddess in a really slutty hot way. But she prolly has the personality of a wet towell. 😦

  • bob saget

    3 does not appeal to me at all but #7 is soooo cute!

  • Buh Ding Ding

    Ha! I totally nailed that one in the poop chute!

  • bradbtr

    #6 is hot without wearing slutty clothes

  • masterdon

    15 and 6 !!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, are you all counting down from the cover pic? #27? huh?

    The pictures have numbers adjacent to them. Actual roman numerals for your delectation.

  • Heywood J Blomy

    nice rack on #6, now lets see the shitter.

  • Heywood J Blomy

    I heart number 1

  • dt520



    i could wake up next to either forever

    • Ohz

      please find #22 please!

  • Donaldduck

    I would say # 23 and #24 at least she has both hands on the steering wheel, other wise I would pick them all..

  • Eric

    Oh Wow……….#3 !!!! I Want her soooooooo bad !!!

  • Kovi

    It’s strange that no one has chosen #14 as a “favorite”. I suppose that I’m the only one, apparently. She is quite a beautiful woman, who has obviously worked hard to look the way that she does. She has absolutely gorgeous features, and a stunning smile. Now, I’m not typically a very big fan of “larger chests” on smaller frames, but I think the look works for her. Not to mention, she obviously has a decent fashion sense, considering how well her dress looks. She obviously made herself look beautiful for a nice dinner with — presumably — one lucky son of a bitch.

  • Dreamy

    # 6 *add to cart*

  • no wayman91

    I think I know #3


  • SunshineScooter

    I like #19! We’ve got one thing in common. Wreck ‘Em, Tech!!!!

  • austin_37

    any girl that drives a Z is hot

  • top dog

    #17, now thats a booty!. The rest are all tits, no ass.

  • MichaelGS

    come on john! i sent in pics of #23 in a bikini and you post the one in the car?! for shame, Johnny boy, FOR SHAME!

  • bobg4400

    #6 and #22 my favourites. anyone know either of them?

  • Darren

    Who is #14. WOW!

  • bobg4400

    i agree and #14 is hot too

    • hahahah

      perfect everything

  • me O my

    ive seen #17 on the net like 50 times. i bet 75% are off the net.

  • QQQ

    #6 has an ass ugly face and appears to be about 12 years old.

  • rahul


  • Chuckan

    I remember #7 from somewhere. Yeah the dry cleaners! She walked in with that outfit for cleaning. She said "can I have this cleaned please"? The shop owner said "sorry, come again?". She went red and said "no it's just beer this time"!

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