Women I wouldn’t mind going a few rounds with (30 Photos)

  • blazer

    very nice

  • octopusbraces

    I was surprised to see hot chicks with gloves on. I knew a girl in high school who boxed and her face was a little messed up. Plus she had scars where they cut her eyelids.

  • eeds

    peep the 3rd eye in 21

    • mattguy9000

      ah, the clone tool. photoshop is awesome

  • ChrisDG74

    I think I’m in love.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    I usually pay extra to get women to abuse me…
    Like the pro’s say ” Anytime, Anyplace ! “

  • thednice

    # 22 makes me want to hit the heavy bag….

  • Miko86

    I’ll definitely lose to #26. Doesn’t matter if she doesn’t know how to box, my head is an easy target when I have my mouth open drooling.

  • Easy E

    Nom…… Way to go chive, Flawless Victory.

  • Mumford

    Hot collection 🙂

  • Equalizer

    I hate fighting, I want #5 to make out each other…

  • Anonymous

    Wow the embarassment that will ensue from this… Not one Gina Carano. REALLY?!

    • P-90

      Agreed ‘GC’ is amazing.

  • P-90

    Pic 5 FTW.

    • FartFace


  • garp

    …#19 is ready to porn out old school

  • RocknRollDr.

    Ok, the third eye on 21 is bothering me. Wtf is that doing there?

  • Rusty

    #12….slacks to the dry cleaner ASAP.

  • BillyBlaze

    Keeley Hazel ftw

  • Mu$£

    number 5 blondie

  • HellHathNoFury

    The only ones that look like they’ve ever taken a whack in the face are the men in 17 and 27.

    • theddnice

      I’m sure most of em are used to taking some kind of blow to the face……hey-o!

  • Albert Einstein

    My calculations tell me that #4 is outstanding.

  • forge

    I say less than half these girls could hit or take a hit. Not that I hit girls, I’m just saying.

    • Carnage

      Agreed. I would guess that most of these women are models wearing boxing gloves. The ones that I would guess are actual boxers are 3, 7, 17, 18, 27, 29, and 30. Without a doubt, I’d be terrified to step into the ring with 27. Too many of the others are good looking girls with nice bodies, but not really the types of bodies I would expect someone who has gone through years of rigorous training.

      Of course some of the pictures don’t show off shoulders/arms/quads/abs in a way to make that determination.

  • AW

    What's up with #1? Between the boobs (toward the bottom), it looks weird – like the boobs aren't really attached to her body – just kind of inserted into the sports bra.

    • Jawbone

      Like some sort of weird membrane.

  • depcrestwood

    #22 definitely FTW … but they really could have put any picture of Gina Carano up.

    And what IS with that third eye in #21 – it’s freaking me the hell out

  • heykyleinsf

    I don’t get the scathing hate. Of course these are photo shopped,
    but some people talk like they routinely can get girls in this league.
    No complaints here! I’m fine with your “rejects”. As if…..

  • bktscrambler

    yeah, whats up with #1’s cleavage?

  • *freemustacherides*

    i dont think any of these are fighters. maybe the ones in 17 and 27 like hell hath no said, but thats just cuz they look f-ed up.

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