Women I wouldn’t mind going a few rounds with (30 Photos)

  • BigE

    I love Gina Carano, a real fighting girl. I’d love to go 12 rounds with her. These are some models (nice to look at) with new gloves on. I love physically fit girls and I got my hopes up, damn.

  • Lily

    wtf is up with the chick in 1? not only does she have a uniboob, it looks like there’s a flap underneath where she can stick stuff.

  • lfsg

    in love with #4…I want to be that punching bag!!!

  • Maynard B

    oh number 15 you can beat me off…..er….beat me anytime

  • Zach D.

    I would love to go toe to toe with #4 or have a tag team match with #5 any day!

  • qUEen

    #15 t3st p!c c0mm.

  • Shaolin Killa

    All these chicks are super hot, but most of them would be an embarrassment in an actual gym. Heels #24? Really? Painted nails, #2? Come on, man… if you're gonna rep female fighters, then rep female fighters.

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