Best photos of the week (45 Photos)

  • george

    i like #39 on except 43 dont like it

  • slutifer

    #1 dammit, the one at the bottom is cut in half, so theres still only 10 nuggets, already explained on eatliver

  • Vicarious


  • Yay

    40 is Aki Hoshino

  • MigraineBoy

    #45 made my life worth while.

  • Matt

    OMG #10 is Pogs!!! I used to love that game!!!!!!!!!!!

  • homoerectus

    There are ten pieces in the first picture, pieces #4 and 5 are one piece split in half to show the inside (the all white meat made out of pig snouts and buttholes).

  • bubble_rider86

    well there may be 10 pieces, but every time i get nuggets i count them and there are always either 9 or 11 pieces!

  • octopusbraces

    POGS! Oh my god POGS!

  • The Porn Panda

    Great pics!

  • Tanya Moore

    # 9 My breath is taken away!! Where is this castle located and how and when was this built?????? any history would be much appreciated. I love you guys!!!! xoxoxo

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s castle neuschwanstein…

    • asif

      It’s Schloss Neuschwanstein in Bavaria (Germany). It was commissioned by Ludwig II of Bavaria as a refurbishment of an old castle that lay in ruins near the village of Hochenschwangau and was meant to reflect Richard Wagner’s operas.

  • Mu$£

    ❤ Avatar

  • me


  • bktscrambler

    A true Chiver reads EVERY Chive post. Aside from the girlie pics, seeing the same repeated photos over and over gets old fast, Chive. We would appreciate not seeing the same photos multiple times. Same photo again = wasting Chiver’s time.

    • NewSolitude

      Ummmmm………This post is called “Best Photos of the Week.” That means that they look through the previous photos of the week and pick out the best ones of the week. Hence the name.

  • Equalizer

    Full of repeat, anyway #28 is really HOT!!!

  • Navy Adam

    It’s entitled “Best Photos of the Week” for a reason… It’s a recap of the awesome stuff from the week! A true chiver doesn’t bitch about repeated photo, they are thankfull for being reminded of the awesome!

    Chive On!

  • NotHellHathNoFury

    there is another black guy in 37! look towards the right. It was kind of like playing where is Waldo.

  • The Mighty Boosh

    Someone MUST know who the Avatar girl in #45 is. Otherwise The Chive is duty bound to find her for us

  • The Snug Muncher

    The girl in #45 is Pattycake. She has a website. ❤

  • Someguy

    I actually have #34. Everyone thinks I have a freakishly disgusting wound when it's actually "bacon" band-aid. Btw, the free toy is a miniature plastic pig.

  • Justanerd

    #35 – I've always wanted to go there.

  • adrian

    #14 find her chive
    i believe in you

  • Mark

    #29 She is not even wearing a helmet.

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