Currency that glows could happen someday…(2 Photos)

Designers Jaesik Heo, Hojoon Lim and Dahaeng Lim are trying to invent the future of paper currency: bills that glow. The actual method that makes the bills glow softly isn’t disclosed, but it’s clear from the pictures that this concept would make your wallet into a rave every single night. No more trouble making out which bills to tip your bartender in a dark club.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, lets make it easier to be a pickpocket…

    • aaron

      how would the pickpocket see through their wallet? your arguement is illogical

  • Slimey

    It’s Korean Won, nothing new, take it into any club with a blacklight and it does that … I’ve been living here in Korea on and off since 1999 …

    • top dog

      I was there in 99, Uijeongbu. I don’t remember the money glowing, of course I could have been too drunk to notice I will admit. The twelve months I was there we did a lot of drinking. That was a hard habit to break.

    • jimbo

      What's the point in glowing under a black light? If you have access to a black light, you might as well just use a regular light.

  • top dog

    Now why would anybody wan’t money that glows? that makes no sense.

  • sticksuwp

    I think that is the currency in Tron…

  • Ummm

    Could be tritium laced into the currency.

  • zahacy

    Canadian currency does this under black light already.

  • Mu$£


  • winston002

    poor strippers

  • Woo

    Meh… no more randomly finding money on the floor since somebody would have already spotted it

    • aaron

      why would you not be the one who would have already spotted it?

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  • Paul

    Come on thats not new… Russian money has been glowing for many years now since that plant went plewey…

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