Daily Afternoon Randomness (30 Photos)

  • Markkens

    ‘Insert Name’s’ crushing was better than all but #3…anyone with such an oral fetish that they check their own closeups might be the girl for me!

  • SJ

    I recognize the techno viking…who’re the others?

    • trogdor

      the black dude is Professor Badass

  • notatoaster

    number 3 I would love to walk in on my wife in a position like this. just wow number 3 is freaking great. and 4 is almost perfection.
    what is going on with 21 and 22?

  • Massadonious

    Everything I needed to know about ignorance I learned on 4/19.

  • jeffzero

    Ummmm… not to sound straight and disinterested in well thought out political/religious diatribes… But who is the chick that graces picture 4?
    Just curious

  • brittany

    D…chill…and back awayyyyy from the keyboard before you develop a ulcer. Its just theCHIVE man.

  • dt520

    Dude, #9 would have been the fad toy back in elementary school. It even says you can stick anything in it.

  • Bojangles

    LMAO at 10. Haven’t seen a TV like that in years.

  • doo dah doo doo

    i hate myself for actually reading these diatribes people have posted in the comments section of the fucking chive.

  • Mr.Doom

    i dont mean to piss off the main readership but it seems to me that the only american thing in 13 is the gun and the flag

  • DC

    #23 – why do hot chicks who take pictures of themselves usually have messy rooms? Clean up the place, princess!

  • steve

    Who are the guys in #5? I know one of them is ‘techno viking’ youtube him. but don’t know who the others are?

  • http://www.facebook.com/#/profile.php?ref=profile&id=100000498406848 bryainiac

    I think everybody should stop arguing and stare at 23 until world hunger ends.

  • P-90

    #1 I’m pretty sure most women have woken up to an unsightly looking crack in the morning.
    #3 Nice.
    #15 Heh.

  • Bennion

    #20 ftw. The CN Tower is not something I would climb with no ropes.

  • HellHathNoFury

    For the first time ever, I pray to God that I am the last commenter on this post.

    • MichaelGS

      i bet youre glad you posted so early on in the commentsthere nothing like recieving over 90 replies in your email 🙂

  • Woo

    Anyone know where #3’s from?

  • Anonymous

    who are the other three in #5 i only know technoviking

  • anaition


    • HellHathNoFury


  • jake

    is #16 meant to be Raiden?

    also in reply to the rest of you: FUCK ALL RELIGIONS

  • P-90

    #6 The 9th of November? (Heh)

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/rikooprate rikooprate

    #5 – Who are the other 3 guys w/ the Techno Viking???

  • dave

    #5 I don't need to see a movie with a guy wearing a fanny pack.

  • Sam

    Am I the only one who thought #4 had 2 tits, mistaking her ass for one?

  • smasher

    #18 I think is in Fairborn OH

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