“Love” my ass (22 Photos)

  • Spiderpig615

    wow!!! The last guys shirt makes it seem like his penis is emitting light….super saiyan penis!

  • forge

    16) still together far as I know
    17) who cares, they’re both horrifically ugly
    18) Billy, Billy, Billy, you haven’t learned about these leggy shiksehs yet? “I love you just the way you are” oh BULLCRAP Billy, you divorced the woman you wrote that about, married Christie Brinkley, divorced her and married this fluffy princess. PLEASE dude.

    • forge

      That’s Alexa, my bad. I didn’t recognize her with the nose job.

  • cam

    12, 13 and 20 all look like father/daughter photos, not couple pics :S which is scary. 21 has an epic scar, too!

  • joe

    anyone know who the chick in pic #1 is? ive seen here in a couple of pics around the internet

  • Anon

    Poor detective work on this one. Only about half of those women are hot, only about a third of those couples are married (or even "couples", for that matter)… and #19 is a gay Umpa Loompa.

  • George


  • IPH

    Those women have webbed feet. Every last one of them.

  • AnotherMe

    #14.. haha awesome… "personality".. yeah right… love my ass!

  • Always Last


  • Tiberious2.0

    #11,…. I believe.

  • byron

    Amazing what money does

  • Halsketten

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  • Tyler

    Eww Indian chicks are still ugly as fuck

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