• will

    Seriously, stop filming and get some ice for my scrotum!

  • myragehush

    “Romeo, oh Romeo, where arth thou my Romeo?”

    “Over here!”

  • LinLin

    You know that joke about leaving people hanging with a Caption This thread?

  • Will27

    “These were White when I bought them.”

  • Kdawg04

    Man with Camera: “Here its for you I think its the devil”

  • Easy E

    Sublime’s Raleigh Soliloquy….. “BACK OUT!”

  • Juan

    Guy on the pole: WAAAZZZAAAAP!!!
    Guy w/ camera: WAAZZAAAAPP!!!

  • craig

    get down from there man

    you do not belong up a wooden pole

    you are a man…..

  • William

    “I’ve already sworn to prevent forest fires!!!”

  • Dano

    I just saved a bunch of money on removing splinters by switching to this bucket.

  • Burro

    Man in red: Im the king of the world
    Man in boxers: Hiiiiii king
    Statue: I hate Titanic

  • Inspector Gadget

    Do the math: Wooden power pole+dude in underwear= Really wicked slivers after fireman stunt!

  • he who laughed last

    ‘you guys need another reason to legalize weed?”

  • Razi

    Pole Guy: Oh, hey dude, you seen Waldo ?

  • MJ

    No, no, it’s okay, this is where I hide my weed.

  • Irwin 109

    We have finally successfully created a superhero worse than Aquaman!

  • Anonymous

    Three types of high. In the air, to the man, and like he usually is.

  • Comedian Dangerruss

    How do you get a one arm Pollock off of a pole? Wave to him!

  • steven frijoles


  • Adam

    Statue: "Air fives are for the gay man."

  • Ed

    Our new champion of the Lenin Games

  • maceman

    Guy on pole – "I swear to tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth, so help me God."


    He's taken pole dancing to a whole new level

  • Travis

    Have you seen my baseball?

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