Aviation at its finest (30 Photos)

  • top dog

    #6 would have freaked me out if I was on that beach.

    #23, shop job.

    • Mehmet

      That would be me. Someone just asked me if my car and bike were on the chive, and I had no idea this site existed. Came here and lekood through a few albums, truly made my day to see this. Since this picture was taken, I changed a few things with the Camaro. It’s a bit lower and on Prostars now. The bike remains the same. I’m really curious where the picture was seen before submitted here..

  • jeff in Australia

    Love em all… thank you..

  • Equalizer

    #6 – I was there…

    • Mody

      The only nfl game i’ve ever been to was a brown’s game, too!! It was pre season thoguh so some ppl wouldn’t say it counts!Poor Cleveland browns. When we lived there, my husband, who is a big steelers fan, actually started feeling sorry for the browns and rooting for them out of pity. That’s when I knew we had to move !!!Jen B recently posted..

  • NotHellHathNoFury

    the birds one is fake and gay

  • Mike

    HellHathNoFury is fake and gay.

    • Rudi

      I’m pretty sure the birds photo is real. It was taken by a guy named Adam Samu in Budapest, Hungary in 2004.

    • jeff in Australia

      Pretty sure she isn’t, but I think the brainless moron above is… he is certainly a “not”

      • jeff in Australia

        Not you Rudi, higher still…

  • run fet boy run

    Jet Pilots are the luckiest men alive, followed closely by aerobatic pilots. Hell, PILOTS are the luckiest men in the world.

  • zipperz

    The theme music for most of these pictures is “America! F*ck Yeah!!”

    • Sherjo311

      Considering two of the pictures feature Russian made SU-35’s, I’d say that would be a stretch.

      • Anonymous

        Well, I did say ‘most’…

  • jeff in soviet russia

    jeff in australia obviously wants a nice wet blowjob off the chives resident vagina.
    internet paladins dont get blowjobs,, they get + 5 dexterity and abaddons helm of crippling sexual frustration

    • jeff in Australia

      Thank you for your remark. It was, at the same time, well thought out and indecipherable.
      I am sure your preschooler class mates will be impressed by your…?
      Nope can’t think of anything…

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    No Concorde? No Harrier? No Lynx?


    • ohjones

      Not even a 14, that’s God’s plane…
      Double tsk…

  • Poverty

    Some commercial aircraft in there but I can’t believe the Concord was missed!

    • top dog

      I thought the Concord was grounded, I could be wrong tho.

      • Anonymous

        that wasn’t concorde that is the russian version you can tell because of the canard wing

  • youdummy

    No paper airplanes? Have you seen the loops those things can do? Come on now.

  • Massadonious

    The Transporter? Is that Jason Statham’s plane?

  • Big Bob

    #1 – the SR-71Blackbird was one impressive recon jet during it’s time. It was so fast, (over mach 3.2) that when it flew over the former USSR, the Russians wouldn’t fire missiles at it because it would simply outrun them. It also flew so high (over 80,000 feet) that it’s crew had to wear full pressure suits (which were later used on the space shuttle missions). Spy satellites eventually made this amazing plane obsolete.

    • Anonymous

      i think they made them just more specialized. If i remember right while the spy satellites could get a picture it usually took around 24 hours for it to get in place. a SR 71 could circle the globe in under 10 hours going max speed so really the SR 71 was for when they needed pictures in a hurry.

  • wyatt22

    one of the best posts by far!

  • John

    #21 – Is that Airwolf? lol

  • giraffe

    woaou neer neer wahnanana neer neer woo do doo, woo do doo doo do det dearrrrrrrrooooou

  • garp

    …#30 would be a lunch-loser

  • depcrestwood

    #8 … I think the birds got together to make sure they brought Sully down this time … some sort of avian jihad

  • P-90

    #1 The SR-71 Blackbird has to be one of the most visially stunning machines ever built.
    #28 ‘Punch it Chewie!’

  • Battleangel

    My father used to head up the maintenance program on the stealth bombers before he went homeland security. He said it was the coolest job ever.

  • Mattythegooch

    Boss!! De plane, de plane!

  • reecedawg1

    8 would be some scary stuff!

  • mssugarkane

    #11 b2 Stealth Bomber FTW!!!
    Durng the air shows they’ll have one flying around the area, its the most badass plane of em all

  • Azza

    #21 for the win the pic is from the 80’s tv show airwolf 🙂

  • Cristian

    amy October 19, 2011 Your special ricepe you posted looked like same homemade yummy soup my mom made the girls and I Monday! If that’s vegetable soup. Something I couldn’t live without is my obsession with blueberries

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