Daily Afternoon Randomness (35 Photos)

  • Greg

    #31 is pure epicness

    • Battleangel

      Oreo cookie filling is made from CRISCO and SUGAR. don’t eat that shit

      • JOnesy

        You mean I could have been making that stuff this whole time and eating it by the bowlful?? OH HELL YEAH!!

        • John

          BAHAHAHAHA….perfect answer

    • Miko86

      I’m having strong urges to buy oreos and try that.. And maybe make a popsicle out of it.

      • Irwin 109

        I hate when people do this with food like “Oreo cookie filling is made from CRISCO and SUGAR. don’t eat that shit”, dunno about you guys but I’ve yet to find a better way to eat Crisco and Sugar.
        Oreos kick ass. And whoever made that mega Oreo also kicks ass.

  • joelinsanclemente

    The person asking the question in #27 is either blind or evil.

    • Eat something

      While I will say that #27 is absolutely 100% gorgeous in the face, she is way too skinny. Wouldn’t kill her to put on a few more pounds. Though it just might if she takes off any more.

      • 81johnsonmike81

        #27 Airbrush fail. Look at the wall behind her.

        • asif

          That would be a curtain, my good man.

  • mssugarkane

    #25 made me throw up a little

  • pat

    # 27 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you Chive!

  • Anonymous

    26 is a weather balloon/ swap gas. For further inquiries regarding these normal terrestrial occurrences please consult the van marked “Financial Board Inquisitor” parked in from of your house for memory correction.

    • Brandon

      I had to look at the picture again and then realized what you were talking about. Definitely didn’t see the big red arrow the first time around…

  • Westfall Boars Preservation Society

    Most of these should say “Hey Chive I found this on another site and included the link text on the image itself – make sure you crop in to get rid of the watermarks!”

    • Westfall Boars Preservation Society

      And let me make it clear that I got no problems with Chive re-posting stuff from Digg or Reddit or what-the-hell-ever. What I got problems with is all the annoying shit they add to the picture as in that ugly, obtrusive watermark or those damned captions. Maybe that’s the uploader’s doing, but Jesus is it annoying.

      • John

        Its a wonder that you can put up with this amateur crap-o-la. It is obvious that you, sir, have a more mature sense of humor.

        We should all hope to not laugh at such things in the future…

      • wonky eye

        @ Boars,

        the good news is that the chive (probably) doesn’t give a fuck what you think. and they shouldn’t either. here’s why

        Know how many pics i see on this chive weeks before i see them on digg and reddit? TONS.
        but people like you place a higher value on those sites and then accuse thechive of ‘stealing’ (their own property half the time) rather than acknowledging the CHIVE’s invaluable place as a top contributer themselves to the internet photo ecosystem.
        You don’t understand the nature of the internet today. Images get passed around like wildfire and that’s great. Thank god there a places like the chive that can grab them out of space and compartmentalize them for your viewing pleasure. and then you make contradictory follow-up statements saying that you don’t care that they re-post images but us everyday chivers know better. I’ve seen you rag on about it a dozen times. I don’t really know why i’m even wasting my time on you but I thought somebody should ask the obvious question: If you don’t like this-that-or-the-other on the chive. Why are you here?

  • Bryan

    #27 is amazing!!!

    • party pooper

      that picture is shopped. look at the backdrop around her boob area

  • Epic Toaster

    I assume # 3 is telling us how the real thing looks nothing like it does on the box. And I admit, it does look entirely different and fairly gross. Kinda like cat food. But I can’t peel my eyes away from the epic Hello Kitty toaster in the background.

  • top dog

    Aw yes #7, the more the merrier. I’ll take them all thank you very much.
    The answer to #27 is yes. With nipples like that, you damn skippy!!!

  • AC

    27 sooo hot..

  • Keith

    Glad to see Strosacker and Case Western Reserve has finally gone big time. I slept away many an hour in that auditorium

  • Pants


  • Cavs

    haha #5 is my school! Case Western Reserve University.

  • Makaveli

    #27 is Nicky Whelan, and that pic has been photoshopped ( someone added the abs, and enlarged her breasts…looks abnormal) , she looks way hotter in the original, which is on this site under her post.

  • Blip

    27 is a massive photoshop FAIL. She is naturally hot and fit without that crap. MASSIVE FAIL.

  • cavemanlawyer

    #28 made my day!

    #35 has to be fake.

  • anon

    anyone know who #27 is?

    • Brandon

      Her name is Nicky Whalen, and that picture is definitely photoshopped. I’ve seen it before and while she still is in fantastic shape, she’s no where near that skinny.

  • Danny

    #27 looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.

  • reecedawg1

    27 is a girl named photoshoped and #7 alot of anarexia…….

  • Equalizer

    #1 – It’s a Thundercat
    #2 – a hotdog
    #6 – What ever that arrow is pointing is I totally agree….
    #8 – LOL
    #10 – It means, his already taken
    #26 – Hot!
    #27 – Hotter!!
    #30 – Hilarious

  • Anonymous

    I submitted number 30

  • Munky

    Hey, My pup Shiva made the Chive! (#2) Nice! We’re in Texas, so thats how she likes to cool off.

  • Brock

    In number 5, I would have put a sign over the name changing it to “Sacstroker” Auditorium, but I’m just immature I guess

  • gnarbucketz

    27 is Nicky Whelan, and that photo is shopped so hard.
    The original looks a lot better.

  • Mark

    31 and 35 made my day!

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