Daily Afternoon Randomness (35 Photos)

  • Daniel

    #26 shopped? Gee, what gave it away? Maybe the fact that the lines in the corrugated-tin bend around her (newly enhanced) breasts?

  • Daniel

    Dammit, I meant #27!

    • Blip


  • dos santos

    #32 please more !

  • Jaroff

    my pet would kill me after #20. or it would have a heart attack first… either way death is assured

  • octopusbraces

    Holy shit balls, I thought the speck was REAL! I gasped. *giggles*

    • Nateb123

      At least you didn’t try to rub the spot off the screen and then letting your head sink into your hands in shame. Cuz I totally didn’t do that…

  • chim chim

    Betty White can have a go at my footlong any day.

  • LARS

    probably the best comment pwnge i’ve read in a while

  • garp

    …my wife has an ancient cat that hates everything in this world save my lovely missus, sleeps at the end of her side of the bed, when I try to get amorous I usually have to contend with pretty much the same content as pic #1….die sassy die

  • effemel

    #16 is route 61 in Centralia PA, that place is eerie and surreal along with being a literal ghost town and death trap

    • Lawrence

      Ha old route 61 . I live 5 min from this.
      really awesome when it has rained the day before all the cracks and holes in the destroyed road smoke because of the still smoldering mine fires under the city.
      pretty cool place and story.
      i usually go the road once a year to see it deteriorating. they have it blocked off and a route around , but its still interesting.

  • dt520

    that poodle is fat

  • me

    #27.. fap, fap, fap #27 fap, fap,fap….

  • asfanRei

    I go to school around the corner from #33

  • Anon

    sauce on #1?

  • Juan

    #12: Star Fox FTW!

  • drainbrain

    #27 Text is useless since it can’t be read… down with the watermarks!!!

  • Me

    Well, I googled Nicky Whelan and found the original version of #27. Wow. That girl is waaaay hotter than she is in that picture.

  • volcanogirl

    I assume you mean ‘source’ not ‘sauce’ for pic #1
    I think it’s the newest volcano eruption here in Iceland that’s there with the thunder LOL cat:)

    • volcanogirl

      Oopps, this was supposed to be a reply to Anon lol

  • Captain Pasty

    #9 – the Etsy jeans lady. She sells this on Etsy. I take it no one has seen her whimsical feathered chandeliere jeans…..

  • carLito

    I have seen that chic in #26 in a few different pics, none with the UFO in the background – she's effin' hot, anyone know who she is or if the UFO is real?

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