This place, this is the place (25 Photos)

  • random

    where is this?

    • Sydney

      pointe aux barques, michigan

      • Sydney

        #1 is called turnip rock

  • daveLOL

    housing permit?

  • HellHathNoFury

    Thanks for more pics of Dr. Suess’ vacation home, guys. Now tell me where it is so I can build a fort!

  • uterhaggen

    been there. it’s very unique place

    • walter

      you can’t be ‘very unique’ if your already unique

      • uterhaggen

        if you’re going to be a left-brain word fascist, you might wanna use ‘you’re’ properly

        • depcrestwood


        • HellHathNoFury

          If you’re not the fascist, you’re the shlowest.

          • Mustafa_Beer

            Touche HHNF…
            But this beautiful location seems to be missing the scantily clad natives that Chivers so desire!

            • HellHathNoFury

              Yeah, the raccoons and squirrels do have a bit of fur this time of year.

          • floscar

            LOLOLOL I almost spit out my coffee. Well played sir.

    • Robbo

      So tell us where it is already!

  • Pinchy

    Reminds me of Tobermory in Ontario

  • Greg

    Im going to guess somewhere along the Great Lakes. It is definitely not the ocean

  • reecedawg1

    tell us where……. uterhaggen……I wanna go

  • bubble_rider86

    i wanna join the party…..and we can all camp in HHNF’s fort…..i’ll bring the vodka and bikini’s!!

  • Bianka

    I want to get shipwrecked there for…a year. All I need is a few friends and/or guys, some quality wine, (whole buncha condoms-who knows?), few clothes, a place to get drinking water and a knife. And a pretty old ship.Who’s coming?:D

    • HellHathNoFury

      woot! I’ll bring the pills and videocamera!

  • peteyroberto

    was 3,7,9,19 taken during a blizzard there?

  • aaron

    so in the second comment walter complains of the ‘very’ before unique, but then spells ‘your’ all wrong. whattaguy

    • ron

      And there is a REPLY button which would have placed your comment in the appropriate area?

      Not sure which of you failed the most.

  • jayw

    Definitely looks like the Great Lakes. The sandstone cliffs along Pictured Rocks in Lake Superior fracture like that, but I don’t remember that island. The water is the same color, too. It’s a beautiful place.

  • justintom

    Pictured Rocks Lakeshore?

  • showtownman

    Could just as well be the Bay of Fundy. Lot of these formations there as well. Surely enough snow, too.

  • Equalizer

    Do they have a Mcdonald branch there?

  • fourtwenty

    No McDonalds but there are 2 Starbucks

  • shoestring30

    It’s def. Lake Superior, I say Painted Rocks, it could be Isle Royale however.

  • markkens

    My vote’s along the Baltic, or Lake Baikal, or someplace like that…

  • mattthescreamer

    I live on Lake Superior (Thunder Bay, Ontario) and I’ve never seen that place….the only place I’ve seen water that green is Banff, Alberta in the rockies.

    • garp

      …I live in Calgary and there is no where even close to Banff that has a body of water THAT big, plus if it were in Banff there would be a big federal government sign on it that would tell you (the taxpayer) to not set foot on it, only squirrels allowed, in fact don’t even look at it.

      • mattthescreamer

        but come on, the river that runs through town is green as can be no?

  • eROKv

    the south shore of lake superior along bayfield and douglas counties looks like that.

  • eROKv

    apostle islands north of bayfield

    • AI Guide

      I was a guide up in the Apostle Islands for a couple of years and I am not familiar with that island. There is a floating rock off the north shore of Basswood Island but these pics are not from there. I agree though that it looks like that area.

  • bucky

    It’s northern Wisconsin. You all just didn’t recognize it because they didn’t show cheese or a Packers uniform, which is all we’re known for.

  • david michaels attn at law


  • John

    really…no one will say where it is…

  • steviewonder

    wow that place is fantastic, but my money is on it being in the U.S. The “telling” sign was the guy far, far in the pic looks like he is wearing your standard issued Walmart summer attire.

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