This place, this is the place (25 Photos)

  • Juan

    i preffer a palmtree beach

  • Mu$£

    ohm y god oh my god oh my god!

  • Mr.Doom

    snow? w00t?

  • BW

    I would think “John” the author knows where these pictures originated from. Why not say where it is? That’s like posting pics of the most gorgeous woman in the world and not saying who she is or where she’s from.

    • HellHathNoFury

      He does that, too. and then sits back in a big comfy chair, stroking a fuzzy white kitty and laughing maniacally. I’ve seen it.

      • P-90

        So Mister Bond, did you come here to die?
        No, I came here yester-die Mwahhahah!

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  • Chopsaw

    do a search for thumbnail rock michigan. It’s supposed to be the most northern point in the thumb of michigan it’s between pt. austin and grindstone city. I have been there and stood on the tip of thumbnail. There is a sign that says no diving. DUH. and lots of old carvings on the rock. the oldest being from the 20’s

  • Chopsaw

    Turnip rock is the name of the one rock. it’s exact location is Pointe aux Barques it’s defiantly the most unusual place in the thumb of Michigan.

  • me

    thank u :-)…u da man

  • Quacodile

    It kinda looks like the front cover of the new Gorrilaz album, don’t you think?

  • Anonymous

    Flower Pot Island in Tobermory, Ontario. Nice, but how many times can you show the same thing?

  • Anonymous

    very nice lake pics

    • troy

      This is in Huron County, MI. I fish there all of the time.

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