Animals that don’t disappoint (20 Photos)

  • Mustafa_Beer

    # 14’s facepalm makes me think he woke up with # 2

  • DC

    #18 is from the most recent National Geographic

  • Equalizer

    #2 – Buddha Monkey
    #6 – “I Hate copycats”
    #7 – Christian Otter
    #8 “oh.. I genie turn me into a monkey…”
    #12 – WAZZZUUUUPPPPP!!!!!
    #18 – “Oh Hi….”

    • CunningLinguist

      #20 pleeesh misher cat, i hash a famuhlee

  • P-90

    Dogs are great, that is all.

  • Anonymous

    #12 just got himself caught in his zipper

  • top dog

    #1, puppies are funny.
    #6, Only real bears hang out in here…see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!!!
    #9, when you grow up son, when you grow up.

  • Anonymous

    What the hell kind of dog (?) is # 10???

  • Phoeborino

    What the hell kind of dog (?) is # 10???

    • Byakuya

      The dog in #10 looks alot like a Pekingese but i am not so sure ( Pekingese’s usually have black faces).

  • bubble_rider86

    yay for 18….GO TURTLES!

    • top dog

      A mutt mabe, a sooner, As soon as you feed him he go lay down somewhere.

  • Poobreath

    Does anyone know what kind of dog #10 is?

  • dr3w

    #3: Take ME to the Panda Tree.

  • jane

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    Funny Animals : theCHIVE

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