• garp

    …even breakdancing douchebags can win once in a while

  • Paul

    I think we should hook those emos to the back of a semi and have an interstate fag drag.

  • Ben

    That’s actually one of the guys from quest crew, they posted that on youtube a while ago.
    And if any of you are wondering, quest crew was the winners of the America’s best dance crew season 3

    • damn

      Ben, congratulations on the whole “coming out” thing. That’s really brave of you.

      • Danger Pat

        I'm assuming this reply was posted before the Chive was know for it's class and kindness.

  • Matt

    best strike ever? HELL NO!!!!

  • Soulam

    Sweet it’s Quest Crew,
    Congrats to season 3 ABDC champions

  • Brandon

    Awesome haircuts, ladies. Oh…Wait. You’re guys. Never mind.

  • Danger Pat

    That's Ryan aka Ryanimay from the hip hop dance crew 'Quest Crew'. Say what you want about their hair cuts or style, just know that they are some of the most talented dancers in the world, as well as being really nice guys. Check them out, they will blow your mind. And I don't care if you are just trying to get attention, trolls, that strike was amazing.

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