Bubblegum art doesn’t suck….the other way, in fact (12 Photos)

This art comes via the Italian Artist Maurizio Savini who creates detailed and slightly disturbing sculptures out of pink chewing bubblegum. Why not?

  • ThatPerson

    Sooo…it blows? “Bubblegum art doesn’t suck…quite the other way, actually.” That would be blowing.

  • Dude

    It doesn’t suck when it’s not on YOUR shoe, Chive.

  • HellRazer86

    This shyte freaks me right the fuc% out.

  • Confucius

    What freaked me the fuc% out was that I started smelling bubble gum…… turns out, someone in the office opened a pack as I was looking at the post

  • Equalizer

    Are those used bubblegum?… gross…

  • Jake

    I think it’s pretty awesome. Strange, but awesome.

  • x-nun

    i wanna bite the nose off the bear. The faces creep me out but the animals are ok.

  • inv8erzim

    what’s next… chewing tobacco sculptures? I see no point to either … so .. there.

  • bubble_rider86

    is it just me or do these just seem like things that were turned inside(s) out?? freaky =O

  • HellHathNoFury

    i’ve heard of bubble gum music, but this is just ridiculous.

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