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  • petwookiee

    Holy shit!

    #1 right – Will you marry me????

    • Australian

      Genetics… are like the lottery. Everybody plays, but only a few win big.

  • Elchivo

    #3 I am thoroughly disappointed.

    Muslims are already being attacked all over the world. Just like the Chines and the blacks were before them. And the jews before that. Everytime there is the spot light on a certain group you will always find bad people amongst them…. That is how white people were convinced that ALL black people were rapists, murderers etc, OR that all Jews were rats that needed to be exterminated, OR that the vietnamese, Vietcong, were the filth of the earth, etc etc..

    What are these shit heads called chive editors saying about 1.5 billion muslims. Or are they trying to impose some sort of final solution.

    Shit head chive editors, when Jesus was seen being a pedophile in a recent cartoon, thousands of muslims protested….. How come you didn't write anything about that shit head chive editors.

    Islam is a belief system….. Muhammed is the greatest messenger in front of jesus, adam, moses, and others. So what was the point of defiling a great man and the prophet of god, to 1.5 billion muslims….. Did you think they would be happy about it???

    Chive just dropped 5 points in my book, right down to zero…..

    Go to hell…

    • Nateb123

      Two problems I have with the “Stop ridiculing Muslims” issue:
      1) Maybe Muslims should stop giving the world ammunition, but if they insist on continuing to do so, we’d all prefer it if they start giving the ammunition away in unfired form. Seriously, the Muslim world isn’t exactly doing so great. Mostly third world countries and a few wealthy people pissing away their billions on gold-plated toilets is not exactly showing the religion’s good qualities.

      2) This is a religion which has a holy book that explicitly outlines both how old a girl must be to be wed, and how old she must be before she can be forced to have sex and *hint* they’re both in the single digits. The Old Testament gets a bad rap for “an eye for an eye” but that ain’t shit compared to the incest-promoting, antisemitic, martyrdom dogma the Koran is full of. The religion is not just effed up (which one isn’t to some degree?) but takes the gold medal in that category. The religion needs some very explicit reform before Islam will be seen as a progressive part of the modern world.

      • HellHathNoFury

        I side with Nate, because he has clearly done his religion homework. The neighbors behind me moved here 3 years ago from Kurdistan and are full-out Muslim. we’ve had meals together, our kids take the same bus, i’ve watched them at prayer 4 times a day, etc. But then came the day when their 7 yr old boy was smacking Kadajjah, the 5 yr old daughter, and I went out and told him No and took the stick from him. his dad ca,e out and rained hellfire upon me, cursing, telling me not to touch Ahmed with my filthy hands, that he can hit her all he wants, and to never let my feet touch his ground or i will be cursed by his family.
        We built a fence right quick.
        All for reprimanding a boy not to hit a girl. His mother explained to me that women don’t discipline boys over there. Well, send your boys back over there, then, and let the girls stay. The 2 girls are well-behaved and silent. The boys are the devil’s apprentices. Here that’s called child abuse.

        • Meh

          Nateb123 – you have zero idea wat ur talking abt. i wont go into details coz i rly dont see you being educated from someone u dont know over the internet.
          Hellhathnofury – thats a cultural issue, not a religious 1. the fact that you simply assumed it is of the latter, well i cant say much to that.. soz4u (wat u tried to do with the boy was right i agree)

          • HellHathNoFury

            I agree, their Muslim culture.

            • tony

              nice muslim culture, yeah, i guess pre arranged marriage was muslim culture aswell, please get ur facts right, i have muslim freinds, and i have seen there families and i have never witnessed anything but great respect from them.

              its amazing how when somebody does something wrong and hes a muslim its always reported as “the muslim” but when its someone else its not.if you really had cared for your neighbours daughter u would have called child protective services.

              i really would like to advice you to go and actually talk about islam with a respected scholar intsead of reading crap on the internet.muslims dont just have problems with their prophet being imaged they think its direspectful for anyone anywhere to show images of any prophet, the first ammendment is free speech true, but what when that free speech causes people to disrespect other people and starts to cause hatred, for uou its just a cartoon for others its disrespectful to him his prophet and his religion,dont look at things just from your prespective.

      • tony

        1) what ammunition??both sides to this! maybe we should stop giving ammunition to isreal no? of course not because we are the righteous people blah blah blah.next point third world countries, well i wonder who turned them into third world countries, oh yes europeans who colonised them and stole their resources, and then putting leaders who will comply with them.
        2)bullshit dude,ur taking something and twisting it, thats was the culture of their tribe back then, there was historical and political gains to that and thats how they did it back then,really thats all u look at, u deny the fact that she said he was the best husband a wife could ever have, u fail to metion that she was his favourite wife, u fail on so many accounts, but i dont blame u its the media that wants it that way,instead of looking for a way to live in peace instead the media will take something stupid like a cooment made on the interent and turn it into a shit storm.
        ps. i do not want to go into a debate with you, its your choice and your beleifs but please respect others aswell and dont get confused between culture and religion.peace!

        • Nateb123


          You gravely misunderstand the point of free speech. Free speech is not conditional upon the mutual agreement of everyone. Consensus or a minority view has no say in the matter. Free speech extends to the point where I can say ANYTHING I want (with the exception of slander and libel) and nothing can be done about it. Sure I’d like it if we all get along and respect each other but that doesn’t come first, controversial view points have the right to be heard.

          The fact that you believe respect is tied to following the beliefs of others is a common misconception among Muslims that makes the whole issue truly terrifying. You speak of respect but only when others have to respect YOUR beliefs. What you’ve clearly shown is that you believe you don’t have to respect others’ beliefs if they conflict with yours. Otherwise why take the side that the prophet’s image can not be shown? That same logic could be applied to say you respect women only so long as they don’t talk back or that you respect people of other races so long as they don’t drink at the same water fountains. You’re a walking oxymoron with regards to respect and that single contradiction leads to every manner of intolerance people have worked to irradiate.

          Then there’s the rationalizations. Muhammed’s favourite wife was 6 when he married her, 9 when he consummated the marriage. And you’re saying “Hey, child rape is all good because she liked him!” Clearly it was true love when she said “I like dolls!” and he said “Come to my bedchamber”. I imagine if you can rationalize that one, ancient Bedouin practices written into religious law like “keeping it all in the family” are perfectly acceptable in the world today. Oh wait.

          Finally, my point is not that Muslims are all crazy, fanatical and intolerant. My point is that ISLAM is. Just because the book says something doesn’t mean it’s literal dogma. If it was, the dominantly-Christian world wouldn’t be terribly peaceful either. It’s the reforms that come from questioning outdated values and teachings that make a religion relevant and progressive. And whether that is done is unique to each Muslim.


          Not true. Lots of fanatics are secular or of other religions. Read up on the Buddhist fanatics who released sarin gas into Toyko’s subway system in the 90s. There are crazies from all walks of life.

          • Nateb123

            Actually, you know what? Just ignore all that. I’m not in the mood for a full on debate either. But at least some people who have read my post have some relevant info now.

            • tony

              dude u seruously lack knowledge, there are limitations to the freedom of speech, one is the offence principle you can not go about shouting obscene remarks at people and start offending them.once again if u had studied the religion you would know that nowhere in the koran does it say you have to marry your cousins, and again if you had studided or even attempted too seek knowledge about the issue u would know that nowhere in the koran does it say you can marry underage girls,dude im over this debate, dont want to argue over something which you clearly dont know about, all i ask of you is to respect and tolerate other people, what u might not find offensive could be offensive to other people + research your statements before you say them, dont just beleive anything you hear in the media or read online.peace dude

            • tony

              its clear that u cant handle the facts of the matter and thus start to defend ur selves by discrediting what other people say, fact is what im saying is true and you can look it up,islam doesnt allow raping or paedophillia or any sort of sick behaviour infact it condenms it, it was the first religion to abolish slavery it was the first religion where there was no diff between black and white. and yes u have to tolerate other people, but of course u dont seem to care beacuse u feel scared of this religion which is a shame really as there is nothing to be scared of.this religion doesnt enduce hatred or violence but of course its people like you who take passaged from it and take them out of context and twist them,u said that its says u must marry in the family and it doesnt u havnt backed up any of your statements with and reliable proof.dude ur mistaken and just dont want to show it and are too ignorant to go and look it up urself from a reliable source.ur probably one of the people who say women are mistreated bla bla blah, but u probably wouldnt have known that the first doctor in islam was a women appointed by the prophet.yeak keep spreading hatred, there is a passage in the koran that say u have ur religion and i have mine, but of course ur propbably one of the people who thinks its doesnt tolerate other religions.dude whatever dont bother replying,im out, peace.ps im not a muslim just a dude who by chance took a year studying religion in uni before changing courses and have the knowledge to know what the media says about thia re;ligion is not true.

          • tony

            first of all its not free speech when you are causing hate or being disrespectful, and that is what this is its being disrespectful , you just cant go out and start dissing people and what they beleif you can debate about in a respectful matter.
            secondly the prophets marriage to a girl so young had political benefitsit aslo how they practised back then and they arent bedouin , bedouin are from north africa.it was common practice back then,and the prophet did it to solve a problem between 2 tribes, there was also religious gains as he would teach the practise of islam.
            the fact is you can debate talk and argue but in a respectfil manner,the problem with us form the western world is that we think we know whats best for everyone, and that we live the best way bla blah blah,islam is misrepresented fact, thats something i found ou after i studied it in university.
            once again you can debate argue talk but in a respectful way not post pictures that offened and make cartoons that even after the uproar caused by the cartons in europe people still havnt learnt their lesson,
            also islam prohibits images of all the prophets not just theirs,so i dont know what double standered your talking about.

            • Nateb123

              Your misunderstanding of “free speech” both astonishes me and has me laughing with my face in my hands. And did you just defend pedophilia on TWO separate occasions? Wow man. It’s kinda heavy that you’re more worried about whether or not a certain practice is Bedouin-derived (I was talking about the marriage of cousins as encouraged by the Koran btw, not marriage to children) than the idea that where sharia law is still in effect, it’s okay to commit pedophilia and rape. Your priorities are telling.

            • Nateb123

              Sure thing bud. Clearly you believe the quantity of words determines your validity, not the quality so keep typing away but I’ve already proved my point. You’ve helped me in that endeavour by trying to make excuses for a un-viewable prophet who set an example of “holiness” through raping, pillaging and pedophilia. And in summary, no, I don’t have to tolerate or respect such ridiculous dogma, especially when it promotes all manner of criminal behaviour. In fact, it’s my free speech right to say you’re a hypocrite, I don’t respect you or your parochialist religion. I respect some of it’s followers but anyone who so happily substitutes dusty pages for the work a few neurons can do is clearly lacking something and deserves NONE of my respect. That includes you. Respect is earned, and you won’t get any until you know what it means. It certainly doesn’t mean what you think it does lol.

    • urr done

      soooo I still don’t understand. why is it we can’t make fun of Muhammad? You didn’t explain the double standard there.

      • tony

        its disrespectful full stop. who would u like it if someone starts dissing you your wife sister etc.they find it disrepectful why cant you respect that??

        ps. @nate if your wondering how i know all of this, its because i studies religion for a year in uni.however im not studying it anymore

    • ERock0811

      #3 Not all muslim’s are extremist terrorists
      All extremist terrorists are muslim however.

      Owner & Operator of a 72 Virgins Dating Service
      15 customers serviced so far

      • JustSayingIsAll

        @ERock0811 “Not all muslim’s are extremist terrorists” This is true.
        “All extremist terrorists are muslim however.” This is wrong and such a fail. All terrorists are extremists. And extremists are from any religion.
        Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, was secular, and a terrorist.
        I would even classify the crazy kids that shot up their high schools as terrorists as terror was their intention.

        • donuteyes

          your mom goes to muslim college

          • mistajackburton

            muslim college goes to your mom.

        • dave420

          Not to mention the various Irish terrorist factions. It seems when a people are dicked over repeatedly, they lash out. The west has been dicking over the middle east for centuries, and this is what’s going to happen – people feeling threatened lash out and try to protect the little they have (either in actuality or simply perceived), and in this case it’s religion. If you feel threatened, you behave like this. Most of us, in the west at least, have the luxury of not being in that position, so we simply don’t know what it’s like. That’s why there are lots of asinine bullshit comments made by people who seem to think the people upset have lives just as comfortable as their own. It’s sickening.

    • USLethal

      Hey douchebag, get over yourself and take your fucking fairy tales elsewhere. The rest of us are trying to have laugh.

  • nom

    #26. I wish I had some chick-fil-a right now. With that ass on the side.

    • Edward

      she should seriously die holding that cat like that

  • taylor

    #3 – totally agree

    • Nicnac

      #3… post your name and address… the internet makes EVERYONE so brave.

    • Greg

      I agree with the fact that threatening to kill people because they had a fun with a religious stuff is totally stupid and against freedom of speech. They may be angry and felt offended, but they still don’t have the right to threaten people
      HOWEVER, saying “don’t agree? Get out of my country” is pretty stupid too! What should do muslim people who ARE american? Will you strip them of their citizenship because of their religion? That’s being an extremist too…

      • HellHathNoFury

        I jest lerv it win peepul tern lols intuh reelijus fites.

  • mylar

    are those two girls sisters? somebody got the shaft

    • floscar

      Yeah, Im sure they both get the shaft regularly.

  • downing st.

    srsly extremist Muslims. you’re only causing more problems for yourself. My town is considering putting up a billboard to Muhammad to prove a point.

    • ChrisDG74

      Just be sure they have the black bar with the word “censored” over it(like South Park). Of course, the word Muhammad would have to be covered up as well. Gotta keep those extremists happy. (NOT)

  • lolz

    #3 it should be a PEDOBEAR costume

  • ultimatecommentr

    OMG, 1 is fuck…… i can´t express how much and want those boobies in my face

  • trogdor

    Can we like stop with the religion stuff on Chive?

    Keep it secular or risk ppl leavin’

    • Nateb123

      Free speech is a secular issue. Extremists just like to say we don’t have that right if it doesn’t conform to their ignorance. That’s not a religious issue, it’s a “crazy” issue.

    • Gross Greg

      Dude, I’m not going anywhere. You won’t be missed.

      • trogdor

        Gross Greg – it was directed at Chive editors
        Are you a Chive editor? …no? then stfu mate

        • Nateb123

          Actually you said that people would leave. So you may have been talking to the editors but you were talking about chive readers and thus they have every right to address your comment. Learn debating skills.

          • http://billthewelder.wordpress.com billthewelder

            Trogdor reminds me of the catholic censors and the old blue haired ladies who wanted to do away with any music that had a curse word in it.

            • Trogdor

              yay 4 u mate
              Say watever u want; I have no need to defend myself as u dont rly know me

  • jordan

    i don’t “get” No. 8

  • Beamer

    Mike Hunt aka My Cunt

    • Mark

      Thanks for the clarification douche. Your name isn’t Andrew by chance is it?

      • Big Bob

        I’m pretty sure he was simply replying to Jordan’s “I dont get it” line. Maybe it’s time to cut back on the caffeine Mark.

  • Blip

    #1 is that seafood they’re eating?

  • dr3w

    #17…. a… a NINJA DOG???

  • Gross Greg

    Maybe #1 should start taking some diet tips from the girl on the right. There’s obviously a lot more food on the right one’s plate, and if they’re sisters…we can make some assumptions where the weight goes.

  • Ryan A

    Actual answer to #21
    “Oh know where you are coming from i get spiders in my *** hole all the time. I was out at some friends house and woke up in an alley with a hang over and found a black windows nest in *** hole. it was very creepy but surprisingly common. It laid eggs in there because i was to afraid to remove it.

    Some how i was able to **** without it getting bothered and biting me but when the eggs hatched it left. You should be fine just let it run it’s course and be gently when taking a piss/****.

    It’s like being stuck by lighting it has happened to me 3 times which must be a record of some kind. It is scary just spray one hole with water or something before you go to bed so they are not encouraged to go back.

    This is no joke and don’t listen to the ridicule of others this is ver serious and must be taken with caution.

    * 7 months ago”

    Look it up

    • HellHathNoFury

      Never thought that would come back to haunt me….

      • I LOLLED

        See above

  • big dog

    #21, I’am glad to tell you that you don’t have spiders, you do however have crabs and mabe one or two STD’s. Two suggestions, First: see a doctor, Two: kick your (soon to be)ex-boy friend in the nuts for giving it to you.

  • chim chim

    I don’t mind being stuck by lighting. If I get bored, I can read a book.

  • Zeus

    #25 is a wicked weasel bikini. tags are in the front.

    • Brandon

      Yup. Love their photo contests!

  • trizzle8rizzle

    I can’t believe that no one else called “PHOTOSHOP” on #1…
    It’s not even a good shop job.

    • http://billthewelder.wordpress.com billthewelder

      It’s not shopped look closer and draw on your experience of seeing real boobs in person……unless your gay and never saw a real boob in person or a total geek and only seen pics in the sticky pages of your hustler mags and your smeared computer monitor so then that makes my suggestion irrelevant.

    • LiaMMV

      She looks a lot like a girl I know. If it’s her then I can vouch for the authenticity of this photograph.

  • roflcentral

    So, is #27 saying she likes her pussy grabbed by its neck?

  • notatoaster

    19 is great

  • Mu$£

    it`d be right if you take it off


    Seriously, keep the religion off of chive, i come here to LMAO, not to see debates and ignorant people.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Religious fanatics, they blow up so fast nowadays.

  • Hey

    What was No.3??? I think its been taken off…

    • MyGuess

      It was a pic of the cast of Jersey Shore.

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