Hoover Dam Bypass is a sight to behold

The bypass bridge will connect the Arizona and Nevada Approach highways.

  • jeff in Australia

    Do wish they would hurry and finish it..
    Saw part one of a documentary on it’s construction about 18 months ago..
    Can’t wait for part 2…
    Great engineering, beautiful too.

  • jim

    i dont care about how it looks HURRY UP i live in phx and i go to vegas all the time it take forever to get through the dam….seriously tho that thing is awsome…hopfully by 2011 it will be done

    • Mattythegooch

      Same her Jim…..it’s a fucking trainwreck getting through there!! I’ve been flying the past few times.

  • dt520

    Finally, a bridge in Arizona that looks nice. Actually a few of the ones redone on SR77 are pretty cool too. I’ve never driven to Vegas but it looks like the current highway is an old school pain in the ass zip through the canyon kind.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    And I’m on a different page ( of course)… I’m thinking Base jump !

  • Rodrigo

    Base Jump !!! Base Jump !!!Base Jump !!!Base Jump !!! or bungee bungee

  • NTFW


  • Equalizer

    I want to see tatas and boobies…

  • garp

    …that is impressive, ol’timey american hard labour and engineering ingenuity FTW, kudos yanks

  • Ken

    And they even got the ends to meet up! Great engineering, and if they managed to complete that thing without any fatalities then the worker safety folks deserve a lot of credit too because it looks like dangerous terrain to work.

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