• John

    if they ever remake star wars, he’ll be ready

  • tony

    I’m an actor in LA. I think i’ve seen this dudes headshot before. Gotta figure the point is to be remembered and it’s doing the job

  • porn n chickn

    go get em kid

  • Lisa

    i think he’s hot…ish

  • upper low

    give him the part, whatever it is

  • Michael

    This guy is one of my best friends, great guy funny as hell.

  • T.J.

    Actually I know this guy as well. This made my day. The commenter above me, myself, and the subject in the picture went to school together. I’ll have to call him and let him know he’s on here.

  • >Lexi

    I love that man! That picture never fails to make me smile.

  • leehawken

    Hi everyone! This is my head shot from my days at the New York Film Academy( located in Burbank for some reason). We had to have a picture by the time of our final showcase and when I had the money, I never had the time and vice versa. My instructors said bring in anything. Fortunately I had been to Disneyland earlier in the year and had my picture taken outside of Star Tours. And yes, I have in fact used it professionally. It helped get me the part of Todd the Wizard on Operation Repo, which is still on youtube I believe. While I have a new, normal head shot I use the Star Wars one along with it. Thanks for all your interest.

  • stoner

    dude, prove it. show us ur facebook 🙂

    • leehawken

      Wait, how would that prove this is me, when I could’ve just googled it? Besides, I’m trying to keep my Facebook private, but you can probably find my old myspace pretty easily.

  • EA

    Hi people, my head shot is located right here to the left, I mean, right of this post. Yes, I am a friend of Eddie Murphy, and yes, I am listening to Black Tape for A Blue Girl.

  • MPC

    Thats my school now, wish I would have been there to see that! hahah

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