The level beyond douchebag, whatever that is (24 Photos)

  • Coenradius


  • Mustafa_Beer

    I may have to give a pass to the DB in #3… I might be staring at those too!
    After Douche bag, I think the order would be Douche nozzle then the final would be the douche stream and the recepticle the stream is caught in

  • Heywood J Blomy

    Check out the hair on the guy on the far right in #19. Now that’s hilarious.

    Thx Chive, I needed that.

  • nelly02

    I have a strange urge to go down town to tossy night clubs and instigate fights with anyone who looks like this! the mind boggles.

  • chim chim

    Bird in 3 is hot as hell. The rest, meh.

  • aluminum

    Pic #1 – Dude on the left is sucking it in bigtime!
    Pic #2 – Most awesome person here.

  • Zooks

    Call ’em douchebags or whatever you want, but the guys above probably get more poontang than all Chive posters combined, including you, you, and you.

    And while they’re out having fun, you’re sitting behind your computer chowing Doritos and calling them fags. While I don’t agree with their style, if they’re enjoying their lives, all the power to ’em.

    • jaydub

      you did see pic #2 right?…i am sure that guy is pulling all kinds of tail…now get off that soap box before you get a bloody nose

      • Zooks

        Obviously #2 belongs in a category of it’s own, and the photos with gay guys, #5 cancer patient, and #21 oddity don’t really count either you nitpicking fucking genius.

        Point is you’re not above any of them, you’re just some critical internet guy so shut up, you douchebag.

    • HellHathNoFury

      I think I speak for any women worth her air when I say that I’d rather go to bed with an average-looking guy with a sense of humor and some humility than one of these guys and have to get tested for Douchekitinitis and Orangosis afterwards.

    • Jethro

      Are you the guy In photo #2? I know'd it! Nope Cause He Has A SENSE OF HUMOUR !!!
      GIving you the doucery-across-the-chest-inveted-peace-out-chest-slam with a BOO-YAH! I so went there! No Really thought, which pic are you in? R U hulk guy??

  • mssugarkane

    I beg you chive, PLEASE PLEASE stop with the unicorn fettish guy

  • top dog

    Damn! some of em look like they stayed in the microwave too long. That guy in the last pic, now thats douche-baggery run amuck, thats a hot water bottle, a old douchebag.

  • Heywood J Blomy

    Did you see the flesh bombs in #3? Probably not. There’s two nimrods in the background are taking away from Major Gunns.

  • Ronin

    That chick in 14 is fugly but has a decent rack. Plus, 23 needs to get kicked in the ego

  • garp

    …#4 is Obama isn’t it? Undercover of course.

  • BillyBlaze

    Is that the dude from Powder in pic 5?

  • TR

    #10 is clearly a sausage-fest.

  • Blah Blah

    #14 has boobiess

  • CAT21

    i wanna be a douchebag…those girls are SOO HOT..


    i saw a vid somewhere of #14 dancing, showing off his chest implants. Too funny!…and sad at the same time. smh

  • LuCyFuR

    why on earth do girls like guys like this!? it makes no fucking sense what so ever why these guys are able to get laid by girls that look like they’re in magazines.

  • DERP

    #7: Cat says no.

  • dr3w

    #7 didn’t seem SO awful…. the rest of these monsters are fucking cartoon characters, though. bad ones. that shouldn’t exist…. sigh.

  • MsKitty

    Why is it that if I want to look at hot guys on The Chive, I have to go to the category “Douchebags.”

    • lol

      because these guys are douchebags?? simple enough it seems….

      • Warped

        This is a better answer to your question….

        The Chive is a site for men, if you want to see hot guys go check out The Berry.

        Is it really that hard ti figure out?

    • HellHathNoFury

      You just totally advertised that you like douchebags.
      I think there’s a medicine for that.

  • Nick4444

    I always see these and always say to myself “Nothing good will come out of this”. I always do and nothing ever does.

  • jmts80

    Jersey Shore season 2???

  • Der Alpha Geek


    Does that guy have tits?

  • Mikmik

    Hi I live in Italy and here there isn’t many douchebags or at least not as big as there but I was trying to understand why many of them are with so hot girls..??
    I really can’t understand what’s wrong in beeing a douche…because it seems the best way to hit some hotties…

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