The level beyond douchebag, whatever that is (24 Photos)

  • tik tok

    #17 I’m pretty sure that dude’s the vocalist of the band, Cartel.

    • shit

      @tik tok: Wrong! #15, dumbass

  • MichaelGS

    what about douche->Super Douche-> Ultra Douche-> Grand Master Douche?

    #14 has clearly attained his Grand Master Douche belt

  • Yoboi

    At least some of these guys get the chicks. Not like you losers who just hide in your parents’ basement.

    • Warped

      So are you just temporarily in your parents basement?….. Just sayin’

  • floscar

    Level after douche bag, colostomy bag.

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  • blipflip

    What’s wrong with #7?

  • hmm

    ..douchebaginess and it’s very own niche in society

  • Tiger's Wood

    I don’t think the guy in the last pic can even read his shirt

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  • Hansa

    Pretty sure # 15 is Andreas Thorkildsen, best javelin-thrower in the world!

  • E in MD


    All i gotta say is… wtf. I realize that pony play is ‘the thing’ for some people but… wow. That’s like… wow.

  • chubby cupcake

    can someone introduce me to guys at #1? (6)

  • Maddog

    Why do these guides always remind me of Chris Cattan from “Night at the Roxbury”?

    Oh, and sweet breast implants on #14. KILL YOURSELF!

  • Jethro

    Ok who brings true tears to your eyes #17 Silli Putty injector dude ( Wow wouldn't want to spend a day in that head ) or Tan chick in #13 with the home Botox Kit gone awry. O Geez, maybe its Bells Palsy and… and I'm the Douchebag?….. Here let me check my guns and amazing six pack. (guns are .22 at best and Its a Pony keg). Nope I'm just a jaded old bastard! Whew!

  • thetech2

    #14 is called gynocomastia or man tits from roid injections

  • timmay

    Now I know why Lions eat their young!

  • Navishy

    picture 3 . I'm not a douchbag but omg i understand you man XD !

  • Navishy

    you want to burn youre cash for bullshitt picture 14 XD!


    I propose the term "douche vaginale…" for a superior female douche, and "streem master" for a superior guy douche, because that is a type of anal douche. Discuss…….

  • ohmmhs

    haha i pasted my friend's head on #2 s body, and posted it on facebook

  • testington

    #2 is pure awesome LOL duchey for sure, but still awesome

    and I don't think #7 is douche at all, he and that cat look chill

  • clickhere

    #13 poo-face #15 poo-face #16 poo-face

  • ChestersMule

    Funny page… Google — hot chicks with douche bags to see more dbags

  • rnr

    I could handle more of the chick in #23 any day!

  • Martin

    Actually, we need more of these twinks and fags, as they don't cut into my hetero action.

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