The Louis Vuitton models pose without makeup. Still hot? (40 Photos)


  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure that last one is Elle MacPherson – who is nearly 50.

    • Eveliina

      Yeah, and she's wearing makeup.

  • RandomR

    some still extremely hot, others, KIDS DONT DO METH!!

    • CunningLinguist

      theyre all fucking disgusting

    • Jane


      • Jeff


        It looks like the lens they were using; a wide lens will distort the facial features, whereas a more telephoto lens (like 135mm on up, focal lengths better suited for portraits) will flatten features and be more aesthetically appealing. Take anybody, no matter how attractive, and photograph them with a wide angle and you’ll see distortion like this. These pics don’t show off the models without makeup, they show off the models under lousy portrait photography conditions.

        • Mike Meyers

          so, they say more about the photographer…

  • aww

    jessica stam still looks gorgeous as does maryna linchuk . alessandra ambrosio looks.. hmm different. 😛

    • Heywood J Blomy

      What the hell is number 37?

      • aww

        thats coco rocha

    • Jax

      Alessandra just had a baby when these were shot and she's pregnant again, maybe she was enduring morning sickness or postnatal depression. You never know.

  • Steve

    If you are looking for a comment about the size of their foreheads, this is it.

    If you're looking for someone to say that the last one either looks like or actually is Julia Roberts, you've found that as well.

    • FO

      You mean Elle Macpherson?

      • Jax

        Yes it's Elle Macpherson doing her impression of Julia Roberts.

  • garp

    ….how would you look after pulling an all-nighter filled with extasy, champagne and group sex? this is how models live 24/7 right?

    • Youreanidiot


    • Jax

      Where on earth did you get that crap? No model survives for long in this business if she takes Ecstasy, drinks Champagne (only during show season to calm their nerves), and group sex, that's total b.s. I've been in the business 30 years and seen it all, where are you coming up with this. They don't even want them to smoke, and they want them to eat healthy without eating disorders.

  • ifihadahifi

    These are models? This is our ideal? I've seen hotter chicks in my local mall.

    • dahififihad

      Well when these girls are on the job walking around in bikinis we all forget to look at their faces/and or we let it slide.

      • dahififihad

        *faces or

    • hifi

      They model clothes, they are not the 'model' prototype for perfect humans, they're photogenic and make clothes look good…sheesh, calm down

  • Mustafa_Beer

    18 and 27………..but there might be tequila involed~!

    • UrDumb

      My 2 choices as well. The rest look sickly to me.

    • Gman

      #18…I would even do her sober

    • Q

      Adriana Lima and Catherine McNeil

  • Anonymous

    #14 looks bizarre.

    • party pooper

      I was just gonna say that, looks like an alien or something.

  • timk

    Big foreheads, tiny chins, ugly women.

    • Jeff

      Bad portraiture, and little else.

  • not

    cocaine is hell of a drug!

  • Adirem

    i don’t like models. they don’t have the body of a real woman. instead they look more like the skeletons that hang in biology classes. someone give them some food!
    ow and #14 is an alien

    • Yo dogg

      total fucking alien……18 is ok though

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        Wot ‘e said!

        Bar no.18, they all look like alien hybrids! I’ve got far better looking women working in my office!

        No, they don’t let me take pictures of them any more. Not since the ‘incident’.

  • nashtownbrown

    crack kills…

  • Matt

    AHHHH!!!! only Adriana Lima still looks hot. I think its the pictures though. ALL their heads look WAY to small for their bodies. Not to mention their hair is all pulled back and crap. Its more than just not wearing makeup, its also just terrible pictures. they look like mug shots.

    Girls can be hot without makeup, but with messed up hair and bad pictures… Its pretty hard to be.

  • ABCtrickForMisterBubbels

    14 & 22: ”take me to your leader”

  • Gross

    Some of the are not hot and some of them are but, I would still lay the pipe to all of ’em.

  • Hank

    #6 FTW

  • Emperor-Elect

    lol at Not dave chapelle so appropiate

  • Jerad

    drugs is a hell of a drug.

  • Joey

    Jesus, did I just visit the holocaust museum??

    • HellHathNoFury

      *Worst. Jew. Ever*

  • Anonymous

    Wow, #36… What is that? I’m sure she’s nice and all, but WTF?

    • Joe

      That's Rosie aka Transformers 3 chick

    • james

      thats the new transformers girl, rosie huntington.

  • JP

    WOW… they look like aliens.

  • Tom

    they all look like aliens.. greys if you will.

  • Equalizer

    Looks like another Russian Mail Order Bride….

  • Mattythegooch

    You got a mis-shaped head!! 6 & 18 with a heavy combo of chronic and Guinness.

  • lfs

    huge foreheads, eyes, noses, bizarre faces….way too much photoshop to achieve these pics. I know they don’t look the same with or without makeup but this is just way too much!

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