The Louis Vuitton models pose without makeup. Still hot? (40 Photos)


  • HardCore Mike

    I couldn’t even match em up! Are the before and after or after and before next to each other? WTF? I wouldn’t do any of em with YOUR dick much less my own. Aaaaahhhh the wonders of make up and photoshop.

  • krisb

    Everyone has said exactly what I was going to say.

  • PP

    I think some of them look shopped – look at the eyes oO

  • at work

    im not looking at their faces

  • urback

    Yeesh, It’s like a super villain and a prize winning turnip had a bunch of kids and peed on them. good god, the domes on some of those girls………

  • CMG

    Looks like some photo modification was done to the heads.

  • AndyT

    Big tits = yes
    Others = wtf no.

  • Allan

    Err… they all look alike

  • top dog

    I was looking at their cleavage. However, I did notice that #34 don’t really need make up though. Some of them look damn good without it. I wouldn’t kick any of them out of bed.

  • ero

    hey look like aliens… will I do they?…. hell yeah!!!!

  • ero

    they look like aliens… will I do they?…. hell yeah!!!!

  • bongman

    most of these women look sickly with or without makeup.

  • anaition

    Some of these chicks look normal…Others…well, their heads seem too big for their bodies…The rest, here goes…

    1 looks sleepy / hungover
    12 & 14 WTF?! Ugly-ass at it’s best
    31 – she looks like Andre the Giant! O.o
    36 – fish face

  • Recognize

    #35 is Bar Refaeli

    • Anonymous

      and she still looks amazing

  • terry

    18 is still hot

  • zipperz

    Aliens, maybe, but I think they look more like flounder, i.e. the fish that has one eye that migrates around to the other side of its head…

  • Urnukh

    They look modified, someone tried really hard to make them look bad.

  • jl99stu

    #4 – Is that a Louis Vuitton men’s line model?

  • ultimatecommentr

    2 10 17 18 30 35, these are the only one that would stand out in a crowd. But about the 35 (Bar Rafaeli), she looks absolutely stunning and gorgeus with and without makeup, she is the only one that keeps the standard without photoshop, makeup and lighting. The other ones i’ve said are beautiful for normal standards. Bar is not from this dimension, damn i would sell my sould to be Leo DiCaprio (Her date)

  • Robbo

    They all need a ham sandwhich and some pie

  • Emerson

    these people are aliens… wtf!!

  • mssugarkane

    6 ~15~18~24~32 are pleasant to look at, i wouldnt quite say hot, but they def look good without makeup

  • AD

    It’s sad when so many comments are negative towards these women’s looks. Skinny they may be, each woman has an interesting face. Also, I guess my eyes deceive me because I am seeing cleavage. Which to have cleavage, you have to have boobs. Just because they aren’t what you call typically pretty, does not mean they are ugly.

    • rmm318

      Uhmm, They’re models….I’m sure they don’t get called ugly too often. I think they’ll be fine.

  • rmm318

    Wow, ok. So they all look like fucking aliens to me.
    All of them have giant heads/eyes but then their neck is so tiny and have tiny shoulders.

    #s 22,31, and 34 really scares me.

    And #39…is smiling, she doesn’t belong!

  • Buns

    Some of them are Victoria’s Secret models:
    18, Adriana Lima
    25, Karolina Kurkova
    30, Alessandra Ambrosio
    35, Bar Refaeli
    36, Candice Swanepoel

    • Anonymous

      36 is rosie huntington-whitley not candice

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