The Louis Vuitton models pose without makeup. Still hot? (40 Photos)


  • Genghis

    ahhh, doesn’t really matter anyway. do ’em all , but dont brag about it

  • Lokiluck

    Most of them just look like normal women, a few look really bizarre though.

  • Hannah

    Most of them look like malnourished alien children. That’s what crack and a diet consisting of green tea and carrots does to people.

  • youyou

    i love how everyone is blaming their dreadful appearances on drugs… when it’s actually because most of these women are malnourished.

  • DrRockso

    Jesus! these bitches look freaky

  • You're Welcome

    I’m fairly sure that models aren’t necessarily required to look good, depending on the product. They’re supposed to have a distinct, unique look. Most of these women have that.

  • hmmm

    yeh clearly the designers wanted some space alien looking models.

  • E in MD

    Buncha creepy dead eyed chicks with heads too small for their bodies. Only one that looked like she had any personality was #39. The rest all look like they’d be staring at you and going “join us…. join us…..” and then implanting their eggs in your esophagus with their ovapositor when you’re not paying attention.

  • Wistan

    Oh noes, it’s teh clone army rooster…

    Damn they’re alike D:

  • jaeli

    seems like fetal alcohol syndrome is a prerequisite to be a louis vuitton model…

  • Audrey

    1 and 2 : Laetitia Casta

  • Dumbo

    c’est le défilé des horreurs

  • crea

    a great collection of very BIG foreheads LOL

  • Bob

    Few of them look good but most of them are way to skinny and unhealthy looking.

  • adam

    I only have one thing to say to these models…. Why the long face?

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  • Anash

    well, they do have similarity… big forehead

  • Anon

    They all look more or less the same, why arnt we seeing any originality?!

  • LOL

    OMG. most of them r really ugly.

  • ChrisG

    What’s with these girls’ lips. Most of them clearly have herpes. Gross!

  • Hannah

    My fashion idols actually look like aliens. Even Rosie. 😦

  • Dave

    14 and 22 look like aliens. If only they were green and I had a spaceship. As for the hottest, I’d say 25, 28 or 32. All 3 look good enough (even when I’m sober) and 32 has some nice boobs.

  • Billy Baroo

    Despite everything a lot of these women still look really good to me. BTW who is #26? Killer eyes.

  • Monica

    Well, some looked beautiful, some plain and a few were truly ugly… I think the majority looked plain with a few exceptions, Adriana looked AMAZING without make-up, a real beauty.

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