The Louis Vuitton models pose without makeup. Still hot? (40 Photos)


  • j

    32,30,27 and 18…I’d bust off in all 4 of them.

  • Jo

    These women are [mostly] hideous. How they got MODELING jobs is beyond me. I see much prettier girls in England for shit’s sake.

  • kyle

    10, 11 & 18

  • pankaj

    Hey this shit is edited … Photoshopped stuuf f … above images are tempered and not the real one …. many have been sevearly tampered …

  • John

    Great, a page full of shopped models, great article the chive, great article.

  • Lurkin619

    I think most of em are hot. Strung out as hell, but still hot.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I think most of you dont understand that runway models are not supposed to be HOT like you’d expect.. they usually dont look like your sports illustrated super models. They are models because they all have striking features, and have the right body type to show off the clothes of the designer.
    And yeah, some of them look weird in these photos, but many are still beautiful

  • Teehee

    haha Bar Rafaeli is the only one with a tan. damn pacsun models

  • Gab

    whats with their heads?

  • lillow

    adriana lima still hot

  • Elspeth

    Wow I thought my asymmetrical face was wonky and ugly, but these girls are all asymmetrical, too, despite looking gorgeous while made up. I feel there is hope for me yet!

  • Rob

    I’m pretty sure that all you Adonis lookalikes commenting here would look worthy of such comments if you were photographed close up using a wide angled lens, against a pale wall and harshly lit whilst sporting the male equivalent of the no make up and hair tied back early Sunday morning look.
    These photos have been deliberately set up to give a certain look, in this case exaggerated ‘natural’.

  • Gee

    Who is 6? She’s the prettiest one among the other aliens!!

  • Anonymous

    They all look like they are never eating anything.?

  • rrita

    what’s the 34 name ?

  • WhaaaaT

    What a bunch of trifling looking girls… wtf?

  • Anonymous

    the last one obviously has makeup on. They all have very large wide set eyes, and large foreheads.

  • Kelsey

    For the most part these women are extremely beautiful. They may not be traditionally “hot” but they are mostly very naturally pretty women.

  • Anonymous

    you know their names??? wow, either you’re super gay or a super nerd!!

  • yotan

    i feel bad for these girls because of the extreme pressure put on them to stay skinny, and at the same time i’m like what the fuck because only two of them are actually what i consider really pretty. i also lol that only one of them actually smiles; the rest look like abuse victims with bruised eyes and swollen mouths, and i worry they dont show their teeth because they’re ruined from years of smoking/eating disorders? but this is a blanket statement against models and not all of them vomit to cope with societal and media pressure. just most of them.

  • Blindbat212

    Ya’ll all alsleep. How could this whole comment section skip over the two black girls?!? Especially #8 … she looks pretty good without makeup.

  • Anonymous

    who is 26

  • zen

    18, 23, 29

  • Anonymous

    this is worthless without names so we can google naked pics.

  • the dude

    Sally Struthers should be crying about them all starving. I think the makeup was to hide how badly their faces and heads are sunken in. But #18 is pretty damn hot. #7’s hairline is halfway back her freakin’ head!

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