The Louis Vuitton models pose without makeup. Still hot? (40 Photos)


  • Anonymous

    Wow is it just me or do most of these women look like aliens? I mean look wide foreheads and wedge shaped face eww.

  • Elena

    I really hope these photos were taken with a fish eye lens. Otherwise, these women all have very worrying proportions. There must be a lot of airbrushing on the ads because I’ve never noticed freaky looking models before. Wouldn’t it be easier/cheaper for LV to just find a attractive models in the first place? Would save on airbrushing.

  • Abbey

    Yes, a large portion of these women are still wearing makeup. Lots of it.

  • Erik

    Those aren’t models. Those are skeletons. That’s so sad.

  • Evan

    At least half of these girls are completely unattractive even with makeup on. I guess I’ll never understand fashion modeling, because i woudn’t want such ugly women representing my work. No. 31 has no business having her picture taken professionally. If anyone think this is beauty, they’re dead wrong. I’m not even saying that silly big is beautiful nonsense, but how about some normal people that appreciate naturally attractive people take over the fashion world.

  • Pocha

    models aren’t based on beauty but rather being skinny and tall, can we jus have average attractive women? most of the male models look like normal good looking individuals

  • DannyBoi

    i hate to say it, but im sure any of the guys on here would still nail any of them given the chance. like i always say, “beauty is only a light switch away…” or “beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder”. I know if I had the chance, I would run a train right through the lot of them, big foreheads and all, I’m just sayin…

  • Anonymous

    36 – please don’t injuect anything else into your lips.

  • Anders

    First girl is Laetitia Casta, one of the prettiest woman alive.

  • Brian

    The problem is some of them aren't appealing even with the makeup on.

  • visitor

    Most of these women ARE wearing makeup–eyeliner in most cases, mascara in nearly all. They're just not wearing lipstick and they're not airbrushed and coated with 10 coats of paint as we usually see them in magazines.

  • Kmeghan

    Not a fan… they all look a bit too wide eyed and funky. A shower probably wouldn't hurt them either.

  • elle

    you're all deluded. you say you find hotter chicks in your malls/office w/e. models are not supposed to be 'hot' .. that's what porn stars are for. models are supposed to have unconventional beauty which all of you have pointed out mentioning their alien/surreal looking faces, which to you (who clearly has no idea about what the fashion industry considers beautiful) look ugly. which says a lot, considering that these models are plastered all over vogue and wearing clothes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars per piece, and are to blame for many eating disorders as people desperately want to be like them. and here you are, mainly men…who are just dicks to be honest. you couldn't get a model like this if you tried, so stick to your office and mall girls who could never make it in the fashion industry, because these models shown here are absolutely beautiful. and that is why they're models.

  • soosos

    34 is BEAUTIFUL. google Barbara Palvin, she's sooooo gorgeous

  • eagleeye

    Some of them are still wearing makeup.. especially elle mcphearson. Unless its permanent makeup. Anyway, I call bs.

  • mmm

    any way almost all of them have beautiful eyes

  • Anonymous

    The girls really need some makeup. Some eye makeup or eye shadow for sure.

  • Crystal Feliciano

    number 36 look like she got punched in the mouth poor thing

  • Buford

    I bet they have some rocking (over 6 foot) bodies. Never saw so many green eyes on such a large group of people.

  • terrg g

    #30 and #36 are both Victoria Secret Angels #30 is alessandra and #36 is Rosie – girls stop beating yourself up over trying to look like VS angels. Without makeup and lighting they look like anyone else. All smoke and mirrors!

    • terryg

      #35 is Bar Rafeil who is a Sports Illustrated hottie? not without makeup

  • guest

    some of these pictures must be photoshopped, the eyes are way too far apart from each other, not even make-up could fix that

  • SunnyHawaii

    The majroity have really large eyes and half of them have Micky Mouse ears. Most are unattractive, but with the makeup slathered on they probably are pretty. Most of tthese high fashion deisgners are going more for the weird or odd looking models. However they all are waif thin (boyish females) – and all of them needs a Big Mac and extra large fries ASAP

  • megan

    they're all ugly without makeup…normal people and actresses are far better looking. maybe except for #6. #7 looks freaky cause of her strangely large forhead

  • megan

    #35 OMG!!!!!!! woah! um……

  • megan

    in reality, without all the high fashioned clothes…these people's bodies are disgusting. i don't understand why people want to like these aliens.

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