Timeless Italian beauty Claudia Cardinale

  • Evan

    Pre-Photoshop, pre-silicon beauty. Excellent 🙂

    • wild bill

      All in favor of more timeless beauty posts say i

  • Equalizer

    I wonder what she looks like today… Not that Hot anymore…

  • Maynard

    She is classic. I had such a crush on her when I was a kid. The movie was Circus World, love at first sight! {Big Sigh}

  • Maynard

    Let’s see how hot you are in your 70’s

  • TheManWithNoName

    “Once Upon A Time In The West.” One of the best westerns of all time…Charles Bronson’s best role, Henry Fonda as the most evil bad guy, and Claudia Cardinale…hootchie mama!

  • garp

    …old school sex appeal, awesome..although being beautiful and italian I’ll bet she has a temper that goes from 0 to 60 like an Enzo

  • TripleP

    Hot girl but I can only imagine the disco bush she had going on.

  • stafferty

    She kinda reminds me of Apolonia from Godfather I. She looks kinda more Greek than Italian

  • aww

    beautiful womanly body ! women take note men prefer this type of body rather than skeletal type



  • top dog

    I loved her bed room eyes, and still do.

  • Mattythegooch

    Best thing from Italy since The Olive Garden and FIAT!! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  • zipperz

    Apparently as a party trick she would take a 2X4 and make it burst into flames just by giving it “that look.”

  • noguido

    Now that’s what an Italian should look like…

  • funkmace

    Yeah I think I will stick with Jersey shore instead…….end sarcasm……

  • empyreal

    tomorrow, brigitte bardot?

  • Forbush-Man

    Raquel Welch FTW, always and forever.

  • Beamer

    SOooo hot, want to touch the hiney! And boobies…

  • Waterlord

    Yes, hot, beautiful but not italian… She is from Tunisia.

  • northerner

    Ah, yes indeed, timeless. To borrow a line from Billy Joel’s Piano Man, “…when I wore a younger man’s clothes”…sad but true. Yes, aging sucketh, majorly.

  • Irwin 109

    I… Just don’t think she’s hot at all… She’s got that “I’m a man in disguise” face… Just my opinion, I know someone’ll try and STFU me so this is a “pre-fuck you”, someof TheChive’s hot girls pic’s are hot but then there’s ones like this….

    • Surfin Dog

      Hey Irwin, just don't kill yourself bumping into walls. Yeah, that big thing in front of you. You should sue the doctor who did the lasik surgery on you.

  • northerner

    Irwin 109, that’s your opinion which you are absolutely entitled to. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No dis here…

  • Rajesh paul

    1 of my fav actress.
    It was a memorable face of pre days…

  • Denny Luttrell

    Class act – you should learn more about her personal life- not only beautiful but very intelligent- if she were young in today's show business she would be a super star!

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