I’ll have the chicks with a side of back problems, please (18 Photos)

  • Anon

    I was finished after seeing #1

    • mikejohnsonpa

      It always kind of bums me out when I instantly recognize one of the women despite her not really being that famous at all. Her internet name is Sasha Sanchez and she loves getting naked on webcam… also so does the second chick.

  • HellHathNoFury

    FUCKT, Bitches!

    • HellHathNoFury

      1 and 2, that’s just not fair!! nomnomnom

      • jeff in Australia

        Be thankful that when you rollover in bed that you don’t have to hire a crane..
        Would be a bitch having these and trying to SLEEP..!

        • JK

          Tell you what, I’ll go ahead and help her out with that. I know I’m making a sacrifice but I’ll do it.

        • HellHathNoFury

          Since we all know the nipples have tiny holes in them *ews* I wonder if they’ll get bigger when I blow in them…..
          Apparently not, but I’ll be off for awhile anyways.

    • matt

      1/3 of these girls don’t even have big boobs, wtf? tell me you couldn’t find better examples on a 13 year old’s ipod. and also, if you have big, beautiful boobs, why would you complain? have you ever heard of dudes complaining ’cause their schlong is to big and bounces all over the place when they run? and saying your big rack hasn’t done anything for your is ignorant, looks make a difference in how people treat you, if you don’t believe me, just ask some really fat or ugly (or both) people how often a stranger will strike up a friendly convo. ah..bad body image…the mark of the modern good looking girl!

      • nessaann

        Is it sad that when I see these all I can think are “mine are bigger”?
        Sometimes being bi is just awkward.

        • Poot

          and fat

      • DURRRRRR

        Its offical your an idiot> DERP!

  • Mustafa_Beer

    It seems that implants are the “in thing” for sweet sixteens now.

  • dudi

    #18 isn’t intelligent enough to know how to wear her bikini bottoms properly… but I’d do her anyway.

    • Anonymous

      You’re an idiot dude, think before you type

    • David

      I think he was referring to the typo on her shirt lol

  • mssugarkane

    gotta love #2

  • Anonymous

    Made my Friday!

  • barnato

    #7 is a guy

    • Mark

      I see your point there

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take 1 & 5 please…

  • P-90

    #11 Nice.

  • Robbo

    Bewbies are two of my favorite things

  • JK

    I like – a lot.

    The girl in #4 looks like she doesn’t get it.

  • Anonymous

    i love boobies

  • Anonymous

    Some of em look like pole dancers….really.

    • Seawolf

      All of them can dance on my pole any day especially #13

  • amurdad

    I like Tig Ol Bitties.!!!!!!

  • drinkinguy

    Rack ’em up!

  • depcrestwood

    This post is so much win! Thank you, Chive, from the cockles.

  • http://powersticks.wordpress.com powersticks

    #7 She kinda looks like Olga Kay from YouTube.

  • 2257

    The end of my pecker smells like a cornucopia of their assholes. New scent . . . It’s Glade!!

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    When are women going to learn that having big boobs sucks (unless you’re a ho that uses them to get men to buy you shit, which most chicks who have fake boobs do). I’m stuck having the real thing, and they’re a pain in the ass. And they haven’t done anything for me, but then again, I don’t go around flashing them to people either.

    • Juan

      Maybe you should start? Just trying to help! 🙂

      • HeartUnderTheRose

        Seeing how I’m not a ho, no thank you.

        • jeff in Australia

          “Ho”.. is a thing of HOW you are, not who you are..
          Most males DO know the difference between a woman of loose morals and a woman proud of herself and her body… Because men do not have the problems you seem to have with large breasts, back pain etc.. it is difficult for them to understand that not all large breasted women are happy having them.. The pics above are a good example, happy smiling seductive faces, above large breasts. I and a lot of other men understand that when they get home, the smiles sometimes turn into grimaces, You say you do not like being judged by your breasts, please, do not judge all men by a few.. Some might like you for being you… you just might be judged differently if your pic here was not exhibiting your chest, although I have not seen any derogatory remarks directed at you on these pages. An unusual occurrence.. Stay/be happy.
          And as usual, I type way to much….
          No intent to insult, demean, piss off, or upset anybody, were typed in these words…!

          • HeartUnderTheRose

            Well first, I was not judging men in my comment. And second, how is my picture displaying my chest? I’m sorry, but I can’t see any boobs in it. It is a picture of my face, and barely the top of my boobs are showing. So once again, how is that displaying my chest? I’m not trying to sound bitchy, I am just honestly wanting to know.

            • jeff in Australia

              In other comments you have made you have.. Your previous pic showed cleavage, to men looking at pics of “hot” women with cleavage they pose very much like your last did… and like it or not, it was, to men, seductive. You have seen other pics very similar, leaning forward, top ajar…..
              To you and those that know you, a perfectly normal pose.. To others, very reminiscent of some the above pics…that also are NOT showing their boobs but…. As I said, no offense was intended, it was just this humble mans opinion.. I liked your first pic, I like the new… Whatever makes you most comfortable…
              I will keep my opinions to myself, where you are concerned, in the future…

            • A Man

              Shut up you stupid feministic biatch. This is just a post about girls with big breasts and for people who enjoy looking at them. If you want to discuss politics then go fuck off the appropriate 4chan. Just because you were forced to suck off your step dad when you were younger doesn’t mean you can just be a fucking bitch. Idiot.

          • HeartUnderTheRose

            I know this isn’t the right comment to reply to, but for some reason my computer (or this website) isn’t letting me reply to the right one. Please do not think you need to keep your opinions to yourself. Once again, I was not meaning to sound bitchy in my comment. But once again I do feel the need to say that none of my comments have been judgemental to men. I have never once said that “all men” are a certain way. If there is a comment of mine in which I have said something like this, please direct me to it. No, I personally have not met a man who is different, but I would never say that all men are the same, because I know they’re not. Just like I know not all women are the same, because from all the chicks I’ve met, I am very different. And like I said, I stil don’t see how my last picture “showed cleavage.” Barely the top of my chest showed, and the only way I can keep any of my chest from showing at all is if I zoom in on my face, and that would just plain be scary. It just sucks not being able to have big boobs and wear certain tops without being accused of “displaying” my chest. That picture is nothing like any of these above, because these women are clearly trying to show their breasts, where I wasn’t. That’s like saying that if one bends over and their crack shows that they are diplaying their ass. To me, one is only displaying something if it is purposely shown. But once again, I am not meaning at all to attack you or anything and I hope that it doesn’t seem that way (and if it does, I apologize).

    • Nateb123

      Big boobs don’t suck unless they’re inordinately big. Plenty of girls get along great with DDs, some even more because they don’t have the build of an emaciated 5 year old. They’re built to carry the extra weight. Just get some back muscles to hold that stuff up and you’ll look twice as good anyways. Don’t turn a positive into a negative.

      • HeartUnderTheRose

        Don’t take this the wrong way, but until you sprout boobs as big as some of us have, you cannot possibly say that they are “positive”. They are only a “positive” for men who like big boobs. I have back muscle, and it still does not take away from the the pain that they cause. It is estimated that breasts of D size are usually around 6 or more pounds a piece, so that means that that’s at least 12 or more extra pounds one is having to carry round up top. It might not seem much to someone who doesn’t have to carry it around constantly, but for those of us who do, it causes some major problems. So like I said, until you sprout the boobs and have to carry them around (unless of course you’re really fat and already have big boobs), please realize you cannot see things through our eyes.

        • HellHathNoFury

          I think I love you, Heart. You’re effing brilliant.

          • HeartUnderTheRose

            I think I love you too for that comment. Wanna run away together and get married? hehe

        • Nateb123

          Sorry but I don’t accept smarmy remarks like “Don’t take this the wrong way” followed by assuring me I’m talking out my ass. It’s not like it’s a common human experience that we all have parts of ourselves we’re stuck with and have to live with. Oh wait. At least yours have some benefit but god forbid, if you saw that it might take away from your complaint time. Christ lady, you could win the lottery and complain that your bank account has too many zeros!

          • HeartUnderTheRose

            Well seeing how you don’t know a damn thing about me, you can go fuck yourself. I love how people who don’t know a damn thing about what’s it’s like feel they have the right to judge it, but when someone does know what it’s like, they’re ‘complaining’. Well go fuck yourself, douchebag. And that’s all I have to say.

            • HeartUnderTheRose

              First off, I would like to apologize, not to the a-hole above, but to the others on here, for my little cursing rant. That was not very classy, and is not generally like me, but I get so tired of hearing people talk about something they have no idea about. But that is no accuse for going off the way I did, and I apologize.

            • Nateb123

              Honestly, this really piqued my interest and I went out of my way to get a bit more info after my post to ask my girlfriend (she’s lived with me for 4 years, has DDs and I haven’t heard a peep out of her about this topic at all which I figure is strange given the massive burden her back is being supposedly afflicted with). Her response was that she likened them to when you grow your hair really long and then get it cut off. You don’t really notice anything until the hair is gone and you suddenly feel lighter. So yeah, not searing back pain.

              Also, my last post was a bit scathing but seriously, chill. It’s the internet. You don’t agree? Fine. You think I’m full of crap? Fine. You get crazy emotional over the two cents of someone on TheChive? Your problem, not mine.

          • theddnice

            all this self righteousness has killed this post for me….I’m an ass man but damn… it’s hard to ruin boobs. congrats

            • HellHathNoFury

              Wow. I just got out-ranted on TheChive.
              Didn’t know that was possible.

          • HeartUnderTheRose

            Um, dude, you need to look at your posts. I only got the way I did because you got rude with me. You accused me of complaining about something that is somehow supposed to “benefit” me, and then said that I’d bitch about not having enough money if I won the lottery. And now you just accused me of getting “crazy” over it. If there is one thing I do not tolerate, it’s having people act like they know me when they don’t. At least I had the decency to apologize for my rant. Your girlfriend has big boobs and doesn’t complain to you about them, good for her. But not every girl is like your girlfriend. Most girls I know with big boobs feel the same that I do. I never once said that every girl complains about them. I was merely stating what I feel and stating the fact that until you have boobs yourself that you cannot know what it’s like. That is all I said. But I am done reading and replying to your stuff, so good day to you.

            • Davey

              HeartUnderTheRose: They’re just being ignorant, you really shouldn’t let them get to you…

            • Nateb123

              From my point of view, you’ve got your timeline a bit muddled. You decided to essentially say “You’re just a man, you won’t get it”. Have you considered what the opposite of that comment is? It’s “You’re just a woman, you won’t get it”. You’d be screaming chauvinism if I said that to you. The gate swings both ways and it wasn’t civil, despite the fact I’m sure you didn’t realize how that could be taken.

              Second, you made a blanket statement about women in general: that big boobs hurt and there was no upside. If it wasn’t a blanket statement, my comment that some women get along fine wouldn’t have been subject to your remarks that I was wrong because of my gender. I happen to know what you said is not true for all women. Some women just love their bodies, and some of those self-confident women happen to have big boobs. That’s it. I never said “You’re back never hurts, you’re lying”, in fact I offered a solution and acknowledged your problem! But you took my knowledge and experience on the subject as an attack simply because I didn’t completely agree with you and flew off the handle (name calling? Really?). You were similarly over-defensive with jeff from australia’s (frankly quite nice) comment that there are good men out there who aren’t just suffering from a socially-induced fetish. So you’ve got one guy saying “Not all women are like that” and one saying “Not all men are like that” and you’ve attacked them both for awfully indisputable comments.
              The comment element in these conflicts is pretty obvious and it’s not that all guys are insensitive jerks lol. You’ve got your own hand in turning harmless comments into big kafuffles. Don’t take things so personally. You might even find us fellas have a few interesting experiences to relate.

            • pundit

              HUTR – oh just STFU already! you always complain about some none sense….F off….

  • Brandon

    #1 is just…wow

  • Mia

    You play with the decks you are dealt. But some people cheat. Big titties suck if you are a gymnast, ballerina, or trying to pass yourself off as a man.

  • spikedriver

    I love big titted bitchy redheads

  • Hurr

    It goes without saying that there needs to be more “back problems” galleries.

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    I just love people who continue to comment on a discussion that has obviously been closed. ^_^

    • Nateb123

      I’m sorry you won’t accept an olive branch.

      • HeartUnderTheRose

        Actually, I am trying to accept the olive branch, which is why I am no longer commenting on the above comments, because, as unfortunate as it might be, we will clearly never see eye to eye on the matter. You will see it your way, and I will see it mine. And as I don’t want it to escalate further, I don’t want to comment anymore, because I will continue to state my mind on it. So let’s please lay the previous matter to rest and move on. If we do, I am sure that we will see that neither of us are the people I’m sure we both see each other to be.

  • Bubba Jenkins

    Fcuk Bitches… Get Money…

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