I’ll have the chicks with a side of back problems, please (18 Photos)

  • HANK

    JUS GIVE ME 1,2,8,14,15,16 THAT IS ALL

  • forge


    #15 are you *sure* you want to go around with your appendectomy scar like that? Or is that just a really, really bad attempt at Photoshopping it out?

  • forge

    #16 must have to walk like a geisha, ‘cuz if she takes a step that gets her feet more than six inches apart everybody in the whole place is a gynecologist.

  • Hambonee

    Does number 15 have tattoo of a mealworm? Sounds like she needs to do a little more grooming.

  • me

    #1 marry me PLEEEEASE……………………………..PRETTY PLEASE

  • CunningLinguist

    #10 and #16 ARE GUYS! BAHAHAAHAAHA

  • TrickyDick

    who is #16? she has been on many posts…

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    @pundit: Aw, you poor thing. Angry cuz you have a small penis?

    • Nameless

      Heart: Sorry if I come off sounding like a dweeb, but my gawd you are hot! It had to be said.

      • HeartUnderTheRose

        Aw, you just made me blush. Thanks, that’s really sweet of you to say. 🙂

        • Nameless

          My pleasure. 🙂

  • ohmai

    this make me sad in my pants…i got big boobs but i dont go taking pictures of me half naked just to make my self feel better.

    • Nateb123

      The internet will hate you for that, but god bless you for having self-esteem!

  • nightkraawler

    here’s a thought …the title was a joke…no-one intended for people to look at these hotties and discuss their back problems…what are you in jr high? if you’re a girl…let us guys have our few freedoms left after the “I did” …thanx..

  • Cynikill

    Ahhh…arguing, or “friendly” debating, on the internet…What did someone compare that to?

  • DoubleOhSeven

    I ‘m a guy so of course I’ll look at pictures like this. That being said, my girl would fit into this group and i would not be pleased to find pictures like this of her on this or any other site. I’m glad she’s not the type to do that.

  • elle

    why complain about people judging you when you’re airing your business?? “ohhhh my pain, oh my poor big boobs, you just don’t get it wahh”.
    talking about them is almost the same as displaying them.. either way you are putting them out there, right? one’s visually, one’s verbally.
    it’s hypocritical to put them out there and not expect any comments in return. just like it would be hypocritical of these girls to not expect their displaying of their boobs to get them attention.
    the best way to avoid feedback is to avoid output…..
    and no i am not a guy… just a regular girl with average size tits…
    oh!.. i mean boobs.. i’m “classy” too hah

  • raj.singh1766@yahoo.com


  • Elyse

    Fuck yes for #1! Mooooore!

  • http://durujulian@yahoo.com I love to suck big boobs
  • Caustic Corsair

    Who the hell is #2? Find this chick omg she is freaking gorgeous and I love the wry little smile.

  • Cornerkick215

    #17- YES!!

  • bill

    #7,10,14 do it for me.yummy,yummy.

  • willkm75

    #1 Done and Done!!! FUCKING GORGEOUS

  • http://best-car-automotive.blogspot.com best car

    wow.. wow.. bighest

  • ricky

    number 4 is crazy hot… any name… please find her

  • gtr

    #2 #16 omg

  • gtr

    #2 who is she???

  • chuck

    i guess it's just individual perception , but , there are only three chicks in the whole bunch i would even call " big enough" much less "busty". busty don't start till the letter "f" unless the band size is like 30" or 32".

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