Lamborghini Murcielago limited edition is lush (16 Photos)

With 670 horsepower, and a V12 engine, this all-wheel drive beauty will set you back about 450,000 big ones. But good news that’s not even half a million dollars kids. BTW, this post is dedicated to the man who said that Lambos were classless pieces of sh#$. Enjoy.

  • Matt

    DAMN!!!! If Lambo’s are classless pieces of shit, well then i want to be a classless piece of shit person…

  • HellHathNoFury

    I’ll only buy one if it comes with a pair of those mail-order brides so they can wash it with their bewbs. I’d be mudding that car every day.

  • Equalizer

    Does it comes with that Girl?…

    • Nateb123

      Actually, Lamborghini usually has a WAAAY hotter girl at the European shows.

  • giraffe

    awwww…. you done that just for me? you’re too sweet. .. but really you gotta stop mis-quoting me!! i said ‘douchey’. i didn’t say classless. i didn’t say piece of shit either. it’s italian, it’s made well, i’m sure. but as a whole i find lambos douchey.

    • Nateb123

      So what you’re saying is that you’re jealous about the fact you can’t even afford the paint on this car?

      • giraffe

        is it really that hard to wrap your head around the fact that i don’t like the car? or that i would find lambos obnoxious and douchey looking in general? sure, i thought the countach was sweet. but that was 1989 and i was 8…

    • The Dragon

      Giraffe, lambo is owned by VW, so its actually german engineering right now. It started italian but those guys could never get them to really work if they did at all. Lambo has come a long way, but i still wouldnt get one. Lambos are more name sake than anything else. Ill keep to my ZR1 and run circles around it.

      • cruzer

        zr1 = crap compared to this. from power to performance and quality. lambo will alway be better than a cheap chevy.

      • biscuit

        The only time a chevy runs circles around a Lambo is when the chevy's driver is staring at the Lambo.

  • giraffe

    also, i had a pretty sweet paint-job like that once…. on my TRAPPER KEEPER!

    • HellHathNoFury

      Can you please share some sour grapes with the rest of the class?

  • nouu

    to bad they fucked it up with that paint job…looks like something a mexican would drive.

  • Insert Name Here

    Not even an LP whats the point

    • Nateb123

      It’s an LP 670-4 SV. It’s the best lambo you can buy in fact so what are you talking about? (Actually you can’t buy it because this is a China-only model but you get the point)

  • Big Bob

    Love the car, hate that primer-colored paint! I’ll take mine in red, blue, black, white, hell even purple, just not this nauseating color.

  • Anonymous

    Oh I LOVE al this childish bickering that goes on in TheChive.

    I don’t come here to look at the pics, just to watch you bunch of muppets argue over pointless things.

    • Nateb123

      Dude, that’s why I come here. The photos are only half the fun!

  • jeff in Australia

    Of all the things I can think of to spend that amount of money on, this car, although beautiful,
    would be way down the list… overseas travel, visiting friends, a really nice house, a normal car that I would not be scared to leave in a car park… sigh…

  • shogunsohjiro


    #12 that vinyl sticker looks ugly

  • top dog

    I’d drive it, if somebody gave one to me. Cause I sure couldn’t afford it.

  • Anonmouse

    I’m guessing that anyone that’s willing to fork over that much money on a car, already has all of those things you’ve listed Jeff.

  • djmick V2: All Things Sexy & Cool

    […] Lamborghini Murcielago limited edition is lush […]


    […] Lamborghini Murcielago limited edition is lush (16 Photos) […]

  • Dr. Brown

    I would love to get that thing up to 88. Going to go to the distant future of 2015!

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