Hot Right Now: Remember Eminem’s daughter Hailie? Well, she’s 21 now (13 Photos)

What Chivers are doing right now (35 Photos)

ohio mike What Chivers are doing right now (35 Photos)
Thanks to all the Chivers who participated this week!

  • Equalizer

    No way!

    My boss goes to chive too, he will definitely know that I’m not doing anything at work….

    • Equalizer


      • Equalizer

        Well, I’m happy for you (who ever you are???). But everybody knows I’ve been licking pussy, If you want I can demonstrate it to your sister (give me her #…)

  • uterhaggen

    yup, everybody is smoking weed. just as i suspected. now if you’ll excuse me

  • lemon

    same problem. everybody at my work is on the chive right now. no, really.

  • donewrong

    HHNF in 3…2…1..

    • HellHathNoFury

      quit summoning me, I have nothing prepared to say and my butt hurts.
      *waits for onslaught of bad jokes*
      Thanks to Orion for sending my giant fail in on my behalf.

      • DaddyD

        No bad jokes … just a reminder that it’s supposed to feel good for both of you … that’s why they invented Vaseline.

        • mook

          HHNF, did you post that image of some guy skateboarding?

          And if you did please explain wtf that has to do with you or what you are doing.

          • HellHathNoFury

            That’s me, dip. Skating at Kitsap County Fairgrounds Stadium yesterday. The board hit the curb on the right, I came down on my left ankle and rolled into the curb with my butt. My friend Orion was taking pics and submitted this for me.

          • fishy

            What happened to your pretty face?

  • jaynecobb2

    Nope Just me

  • Kapica

    lol… i never suspected that so many people work…

  • holy frank

    #17 yes, please

  • garp

    …#20 we need to talk, ’cause, um, she’s my girlfriend too

    • Anonymous

      wtf she told me she was my girlfriend

  • ilos

    #17, #20


  • Equalizer

    #20 – your girlfriend is HOT!!!…. Yummy….

    • Wad blower

      #20, thank your GF for me. I needed that

  • Anonymous

    Printing #20 and heading to the bathroom.

  • Mattythegooch

    I’m in Lust with #24. plain and simple.

  • sauce

    at first glance, i thought #24 has jizz all over her face. #MONEYSHOT

  • Matt

    whats with all the smoking/drug pictures? half of these people aren’t even at work.

    • Roscoe

      Wow, dude, lighten up.

      • zak

        More like ‘Wow, dude, light up’

    • David

      I know…I was thinking the exact same thing. I love the difference in “work space” of #7 vs. the work space of #8. The first is grimy and nasty, while the other has a nice clean desk and a decent view, I suppose.

      To the other two, who seem to be college students? Thanks for adding to the stereotype. Guess all of these hours I’m putting into Pre-Med are wasted…apparently nobody told me that college isn’t for wasting your life, but for making something of it.

      • Mattythegooch

        Phys. Ed. does not count as Pre-Med! C’mon, your mom’s been telling you that for the past 35 years.

  • azumitorres


  • fourtwenty

    damn. hella chivers smokin the dank. this post is fourtwenty approved.

  • Tiger's Wood

    17 & 20 are my next mistresses!

  • Big Money

    Dam 24. Go Buffs!

  • TomorrowByStorm

    I’ve learned three important things with this post:
    1 Weed. Is. Everywhere. (And I love it)
    2 I really wish I got off at 5pm as well.
    3 TheChive should put on a “Who Has the Hottest Girlfriend” contest.

  • knuckledonkey

    #28, whoever made the Awesome sign wasn’t so awseome when they made the tear-offs.

    OH WAIT! That was me. [facepalm]

  • HellHathNoFury

    25, now that I know you do exist, you must send me 17 and 3 for miraculous healing of my tukhus.

    • V

      I’ll kiss your ass and make it better.

      • HellHathNoFury

        Oooh, so you’re that Vaseline guy that DaddyD was talking about.

  • jaynecobb2

    Looks like #19 has some well needed skills

  • Phideauxe

    #17 I am in love please send more pics.

  • jane

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    • Anonymous

      If I put ‘desperate’ and ‘broad’ together do I get the same result?

      • mook

        ‘grandma’ + ‘analbeads’ =

  • OneClownShoe

    I recently moved to Italy and just found out that they get their weed from Amsterdam! 🙂

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