Monday Motivational Posters (29 photos)

  • Equalizer

    #25 – is my favorite

  • davey

    Awesome-O is a reference to an episode of South Park. Not sure if the creator of that poster knew that or not. Hilarious though.

  • Robbo

    Where does one go to sign up to be a dignity checker?

    • Mustafa_Beer

      Dignity Check…….The new Motorboat?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonmouse

    #24 – “You where suppose to be somewhere else tonight.”

    where, were….what’s the difference?

    • DaddyD

      h if I know …

    • scooter

      One has an h in it.

  • P-90

    #27 Peter Porker The Amazing Spider-Ham.

    Couldn’t they hire the Ninjas to get rid of the hippies?

  • tommybhoy

    #4, 5, 24, 25 has made my day!

  • Nikos

    First one is from a movie called Johnny Mad Dog, about children -soldiers, very nice one!

  • reecedawg1

    Funny shit for a Monday……..needed that!

  • HellHathNoFury

    So that’s what her Polka Face looks like.
    I read 12 as ‘female shipyard workers’.
    22- I didn’t know the welfare office had bring yo daddy to work day. *waits for angry mob*

    • Battleangel

      for #12 you have obviously never been in a lesbian bar. Come to DC, I can show you many scary things

      • HellHathNoFury

        Oh, I’ve seen it. But guys expect female shipyard workers to be hot sexy things in coveralls, and they look more like…that.

    • Anonymous

      Oh HHNF you can do no wrong in our eyes *gush*, and yes they do have the annual bring yo daddy to work day at the welfare office and it’s the 1st and the 15th of each month.

      • HellHathNoFury

        The Annual Bring Yo Daddy Ta Work Day, Bi-Monthly! I’ll bring my cane, Bright purple Grand National and my gold teef!
        Annual? Bi-monthly? I think we’ve divided by zero and put a wormhole in the space/time continuum or else live in the best time zone ever.

        • Anonymous

          Annual cuz daddy only shows up once a year *pout*

          • HellHathNoFury

            Yay for conjugal visits and child support hearings!

  • Anonymous

    28, so terrible yet SO funny!!!!!

  • jD

    The best set of motivational posters ever

  • mook

    Most of these inspiration mock-ups don’t get me laughing but I have to say these ones are damn good.

  • nellyo2

    brilliant! lots of LOL from me . cheers!

  • cdnalor

    #28, that’s what you do when your insurance doesn’t cover flooding.

  • jane

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  • kjellupa

    Looks like the She-Hulk has been using that fist on her face.

  • Pug

    #16 – absolutely the best one.

  • Yasmine.

    This was actually funny. 😀
    Well done chive.

  • Gabriel

    love the “ShitBegone” one 😀

  • littleyellowman

    theyre bulllllllllllllllllllllllllllshiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttt

  • demotivators

    Haha, some are quite old like the chuck norris one but the A team and Anteater ones are funny as hell 😀

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  • Pebba

    For the BEST and MOST HILARIOUS demotivational posters ANYWHERE on the internet, go to

  • Barack Obummer

    Yes, I agree, those demotivationals (above) are absolutely unbeatable!!

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