Monday Motivational Posters (29 photos)

  • Demotivational

    Looks like the She-Hulk has been using that fist on her face. LOL

  • funny motivational

    lol…some of them were really funny ..i loved the 6th one..
    fuck yeah i m a crocodile…and i fly in the air…I has wings.. 🙂

  • brad

    #18 — but if they wear hats from the 1700's and bring guns to the rallies, they're the Tea Party.

  • Daily Islam

    nice picture most of the pictures is so funny specaily the smart husban fear the fit wife

  • admission

    wow its such a great pictures and that such a so funny and noty

  • swismax

    This was actually funny.

    Well done chive.

  • niki1122

    Well done chive.

  • niki shah

    This was actually funny.

  • boutique

    wow its so nice and also so bold pictures and they are also funny thank to share me such a nice pictures

  • jacques

    Ok , 4 sum , others just gay

  • John Robert

    Time to learn the correct form of YOUR or YOU'RE. This caption should have BOTH.

    And this guy's whole life looks pretty scary. WTF is he into?

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