• Mr firsto


  • frenchfries

    P-P-P-P-Pathetic you are!

    nice vid !

  • Eazy E

    Whoa, dude hates birthdays…

  • omfghey

    Translation: ITS NOT MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

  • xnun

    I feel the same way aout any Journey songs.

    • Irwin 109

      Thank god xnun, I thought I was the only one who disliked Journey! I think they should get that dog as a vocalist, it’ll be a vast improvement.

      • Tiger's Wood

        I think you’re both wrong. The Journey lead singer has an amazing voice, too bad he left the band.

        • Irwin 109

          I respect your opinion and glad you didn’t go about showing it in douchey way! But he left? Good news in my books! Shame for you and others who liked ’em, I’m still devastated that Peter Steele’s dead.

  • Anonymous

    They state he doesn’t l/ike it, yet they continue to sing it to him… bitches.

  • jane

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    • Irwin 109

      Recently, I found a really annoying spammer called jane, advertising websites no one gives a shit about, go fuck yourself and have a nice day.

  • Nizati

    Dog’s translation: NOOO!!! The Cake Is A LIE!!!!!!!1

  • Amethyst

    He associates the song with fire because people always bring out lit candles on a birthday cake when they sing that song, his instinct is to freak out and try to get out of the building, it actually makes perfect sense and its impressive the dog made that association.

  • Silent

    The dog looks happy and excited to me, like he's about to get a present. That tail is wagging too much for him to be in distress 🙂

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