Recycled cassette tape icons (28 Photos)

These amazing works of art were done by self taught artist Erika Iris Simmons.

  • top dog

    Remarkable likeness, some of those I can actually recognize. I wonder, how did the artist get the tape to stay in one place?

    • IrrEgular


    • Ziastone

      Oh, I don’t know………..

  • jeff in Australia

    Art is music to my ears…

    • dave

      Don't you mean 'music to my eyes'?

  • Huh

    I knew Jim Morrison will show up 🙂

  • pierre

    tom waits…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 3mptys33t

    incredible incredible INCREDIBLE talent!
    Also the guy who did all of the cassette tape are is pretty cool too.

  • Dingo

    that is really cool, i’d love to learn how to do that

  • Eazy E

    I’m impressed. Well done.

  • rocknrolldr

    what is this i don’t even….

  • Mattythegooch


  • fourtwenty


  • HellHathNoFury

    Van and Jim in the same post, with Nick Cave and STP
    this is amazing.

  • mook

    What no Keanu Reeves?


  • cdnalor

    I never even had the patience to rewind a tape that got snagged in the machine, then I see something amazing like this.
    I’m so fucking worthless…

  • TQ


  • jane

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  • Ardacon

    # 22 Looked like a robotic being with a huge sword looking to the left (his right). Then I stared more and realized it was a guy about to smash a gee-tar… I think. If not whatever. I come to chive for inspiration.

  • Anonymous

    Londons Calling !!

  • Chris

    Great work, but where's one done from an 8 TRACK TAPE?

  • Suzana TreeHugger

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