10 epic gifs for a lackluster Tuesday

  • ikindalikeapples

    8 looks like fun

  • jeff in Australia

    6 “sure you used enough dynamite there butch..?

  • Crystal

    Lackluster? Ahem, it’s my birthday. Therefore it’s epic.

  • SaintxXxAsh

    Bob, do you secretly ghost write for Holy Taco? Because 90% of these gifs were posted on their site yesterday…

    • Westfall Boars Preservation Society

      Best not to point out that all of this content is taken from other content aggregation sites and posted here without any credit to the original source, else ye be chastised, insulted, and shouted down by the irrational masses.

      • Fuck off

        See above..both of you

        Simple as that

      • christ your dumb

        insert another irrational Boars Preservation comment. You know where Holy Taco found those photos (all of them)? 4chan. so holy taco didn’t make these gifs? shock. horror. you’re one of the biggest joke commenters on theCHIVE, dude, nobody cares. go away.

        • Christ You're Dumb

          try not to call people stooooopid and then misspell “you’re,” asshole

  • Anonymous


    • Halit

      I’m currently in a long ditansce relationship (7 hrs apart) and am finding it increasingly difficult to be patient and content through the dating phase. I was hoping Carissa might have some advice as to how she survived 16 months! Any particular scriptures that helped you to make it through?

  • Mustafa_Beer

    #5 and #6…… what more can you need? Bewbs and Bombs. Men around the world are happier today

  • John Mac

    So, no one else has noticed ‘Teusday’?

    • Mustafa_Beer

      I thought it was intentional from yesterday’s post..

  • HeyAll

    You misspelled “Tuesday” in your title.

    • confused.

      the ‘Teusday’ thing is a joke…in reference to a post from yesterday 🙂

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Dude was a bit late with the pillow, aye.

  • top dog

    #1 is funny, cats and dogs Hehehehe, a real classic.
    I’ll bet they won’t be trying that no more in #10.

    • CunningLinguist

      funny….ya, but god damned dumb ass tankers, take off the fucking muzzle plug!

  • P-90

    #3 Chuuuuunk!!!!
    #6 ‘You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!’

  • Equalizer

    #6 – Is he still alive?

    • Vectus

      The guy disappears between frame 24 and 25. Looks like two shots and the explosion was just grafted onto the other.

      That or he disintegrated.

  • Shmoopy

    #4 W00T! jeff hardy ftw

  • Nateb123

    #3: I knew the truffle shuffle was good for something!
    #7: Does all the BS about Coco not piss anyone else off? When did we start giving two shits whether a half-funny talk show host has a particular time slot? Not to mention NBC hasn’t had a decent show since Seinfeld…

  • mo

    did #4 die?

    • Great Odin's Raven !!!


    • Krisen

      #4 – He didn’t die. He’s Jeff Hardy and he’s on TNA every week. The explosion was just something to give him a few days vacation…

      #9 – Hah! Even the Enterprise can get the dreaded BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!

      • http://locker217.wordpress.com locker217

        Captain Obvious is obvious

  • fourtwenty

    #5 is one of the best gifs ever………..eddie murphy———->

  • Donewrong

    Holy Taco didn’t make any of these gifs. they ‘stole’ all of them. get over it. and get off the chive if you don’t like it. really you’re not welcome here

    – the internet

  • IluvBigUns

    I could watch 5 all day.

  • Nagrom

    #5 EPIC BEWB BOUNCE!!!!!
    #8 & #9 AWESOME
    #10 OUCH!!!

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  • ROFLCentral.com

    #5 Can anyone tell what the shirt says that the guy on the right is wearing?

    • Zippy

      If you noticed some shirt a guy is wearing, I have bad news for you, you’re gay.

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  • Yuri Azambeyov

    #5 Makes me mad, because I know someone somewhere hit that. 😦

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