• upper low

    that’s pretty freaking cool

  • jeff in Australia

    How the hell would you get any work done..?
    Stare at mine all the time and they are not as good as these..
    Are “they” in fact really one long, joined together tank..?

  • peter

    so many questions. first, i’d have to pee all day. next, who cleans it. next…

  • imdbsucks

    can’t watch porn. that’s the first thing i think of anyway 🙂

  • Equalizer

    If your PC freeze, throw it in the water….

  • jane

    Recently, I found an age-gap site called __AgelessFriends.com__ It’s a nice place­ for Younger Women and Older Men, or Older Women and­ Younger Men, to interact with each other. Age gap is­ not problem there. You may check out or tell your­ friends.

  • reecedawg1

    that would be pretty peacefull….

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