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  • Lokobo

    My intestines were out of bricks to shit by #19.

  • Valethar

    Disney did that on purpose out of laziness and desire to save money.

  • blablablabla

    20 only looks like a penis because norway was cut out.. not a smart designer..

  • random

    Yeah #8 its hard to see the giblets lol

  • Mork

    If I had a time machine, I would like to go back and see the king of Norway’s expression when he sees for the first time the shape of his country.

  • milikes

    Why didn’t they just show a map of Scandinavia for 20? yea its dong-ish.

  • annie38

    I like all these picture things they do however I wish each had captions!!!

  • Anon

    What the hell, the one with Emma Watson has to be shopped!

  • Miss Addi

    #14 Is actually a picture of a neuron firing and a computer simulation of the Big Bang. Very cool.

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  • Anonymous

    So how exactly did they get a picture of thew universe? Pretty sure we dont have that ind of technology

    • MVW

      It's the known universe mapped out in a computer and then zoomed way out

  • Jake

    It is amazing , can anyone put more of these ???


    the watson-dawkins one was shopped. If you look, dawkins’ mouth and lower nose has been placed over emmas. last time I checked. emma watson doesn’t have stubble.

    • Anonymous

      Emma Watson’s got stubble if you look in the right place! 😛

  • Pen

    #9 is my favourite.

  • evil Taco

    Yup. I’ve been on 4chan too. I don’t know why I keep coming here, people keep linking me to this crap and it’s all either stolen or a direct repost of a 4chan thread I’ve seen within the last few days.

    • jro

      Maybe because getting to and finding "good" stuff on 4chan ain't easy

  • zilk

    The first time I remember seeing the Colonel Sanders head and tie I thot..”Why does he have such a small body?”

  • Rg91


  • Lambo2020

    #15 itz hiz fukin hand……………all stolen picz

  • Cominatcha

    #18 The similarities between Whinnie the Poh and JungleBook.
    Actually the animators in Disney has been a little lazy sometimes.
    In the beginning of Junglebook there is a scene where Mowgli is welcomed home by his wolf-siblings, they jump up on him and starts to lick his face and a couple of seconds later they get of him and Mowgli rub his face with his palm.
    The same animation appears in Disney’s ‘Sword in the stone’ (1963) Where the young boy Wart return to the stronghold and exactly the SAME thing happens between him and his Sir Ector’s dog.

    Note: Sword in the stone was created before Junglebook

  • Nowkiddies

    Young “men” of a certain age see penis’s in EVERYTHING! lol!

  • nameorregister

    may i f.ck u in the ass?

  • kingsbrand

    what abot 12???? i didnt understand that!!!!

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  • Anonymous

    12 is a bigg head with a small body dahh

  • Anonymous

    I got everyone strait away more or less but just dont get 13

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