Hipsters, what you’re doing I don’t even (21 Photos)

For tons more check out the great LATFH. And congrats on the new book!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Oh, I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay…..I wear tight pants and I look real gay.
    I wear a scarf and pantyhose, suspenders and a bra, I look like an ugly girlie, just like my dear mama.

    • Floopa_Joopa

      I’ll cover the chorus for you, HHNF:

      He wears a scarf and pantyhose, suspenders and a bra! He looks like an ugly girlie, just like his dear mama.

  • Shaun

    all of these are from latfh.com

    nice job stealing photos.

    • sock puppet

      “For tons more check out the great LATFH. And congrats on the new book! ”

      Nice try, a$$clown. If you didn’t notice the pics NOT having the Chive logo, you would at least think you would notice the link at the end of the post. I assume you’re apology for saying they’re stealing is forthcoming?

  • omfghey

    I never wanted to stab something as much as I do now…

  • zipperz

    #4: is ‘victim’ referring to a specific incident, or is it just Rikki Kramps status in life?

  • Weezy

    I have seen this before……repost?

  • Pinky

    #3 is my coworker. He is about 5′ tall at the most.

  • Pootie T

    Cole me on the panny sty.

  • Anonymous

    I know #2!! :O

  • P Tang

    Wa ta dah, my bammie

  • Dom

    I really want to punch #21 in the face. Like really really hard.

    • not dom

      you should try channeling your jealousy in more productive ways

  • merpmerpmerp

    i dont mind some of the fashion, i mean in little amounts, these people go wayy overboard, but i would rather chill with a big group of hipsters instead of a big group of guido douchebags

  • Yasmine.

    Yum. (L)
    I’d tap most/all of that.
    Come over to my village in England and they’d all get raaaaaaped within an hour of arrival.

  • Eazy E


  • Candy

    Sorry, I’m not attracted to this fashion sense and subculture. Beards on younger people is a big no D:

  • Arty

    ok so if your lifestyle is similar to this please stay inside your homes forever

  • Guido

    Argentina have a lot of this guys, and his called “floggers”… It’s horrible!

  • doo dah doo doo

    yeah, #4 wins them all because of the “victim” line… #11 doesn’t seem very extraordinary to me. is waffle house a hipster thing now? or is it the long haired dude? iono, they seem as out there as some of the others.

  • her

    Whatever happened to leaving people alone guys? Whatever happened to individuality? Sure, they look a little unusual, but i think they’re cool for being themselves.

    • http://www.facebook.com/james.reuss Jim Reuss

      because when you all dress the same it's not individuality. and they aren't being themselves. plus have you ever met any of these people?!?!

  • joilson

    just gays.

  • Lindsay

    wow. good job just pulling pictures off of the Lookatthisfuckinghipster website.
    Greattttt original content guys.

  • Viking

    I have to hang my head in shame at the outlook for the human race. Between these Hipsters, the Jersey Shore, most of the rappers, the rednecks, and the left/right extremist, we are going to die as a species.

    It will either be from whatever Spaghetti Monster doom is going to happen in 2012, or from me in a clock tower turning these sheeple into Red Mist. (somebody will wonder "Red Mist!?". That is what happens to a human when a .50 caliber round hits center mass.)

  • missmisery

    NONE of these people are original. They are clones with no individuality, they're all "starving artists", and all these people probably live in Portland, Oregon.

    • socket2me


  • Sam

    What is with hipsters and abandoned farm equipment?

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