Hot college coed explains federal budget cuts (Video)”

That hot college coed sure does have a deep voice and manly hands.

Disclaimer: theCHIVE takes no political side, but does support some kid who takes the effort to go through his mom’s change purse and come up with a thought-provoking video…I basically just wanted all you Chivers to get into a big ol’ political pissing match in the comments section to be honest. I’m bored.

  • keepin it real

    Boy, tha's amazing. Of course, President Bush expanded the federal budget by an historic $700 billion through 2008, so that pile would actually have been a lot smaller a decade ago, but Chive wouldn't want to post a video about that (with a misleading headline), would they?

    • Tiger's Wood

      Hey dumbass, Obama has already almost doubled our national debt in less than 2 years in office. 700 Billion isn’t anything comparatively…. especially over 8 years. You Obama lovers need to pull the wool from your eyes and think for once instead of letting people think and decide for you. You may like him spending others money for your benefit but that gravy train is gonna run out.

      • jeff in Australia

        At the huge risk of being called schoolboy names.. Wasn’t the GFC brought on under bush’s reign…? I thought it was, might be wrong though, it was an election, that whoever won, was going to lose, was going to be blamed for having a bare cupboard. If you inherit a house that your parents left you,( hope that doesn’t happen to you for a long time.) it is run down and it is mortgaged to the hilt, what would you do…? Most would refurbish, take out a loan to try and reduce the mortgage. You would have to spend money..! Probably a lot, to try and put back into the house the value it had before your parents through no fault of their own, let it run down. I enjoyed the film, I didn’t understand it fully but…. I voted for neither party. I have no political affiliations, I am not a redneck, a liberal, nor a communist sorry if that shuts down a lot of insults. But… I am not an American, there you go… an opening.. If you are going to throw insults my way, please, make them thoughtful, intelligent and if you can, with humour..

        • it's fun to pun

          I like that you smelled humor with an "u"…

  • flenin

    i think i may hate you a little bit

  • HimAgain

    Its an ObamaNation

    • oh no he didnt!


  • r2kk

    It’s a trap

  • Anonymous

    AAAAHHH, i was tricked into learning by promises of tits

    • Anonymous

      Yeah me too ! I just read “hot college”, that was enough to clik. Good job !

  • Boc2

    It’s based on something Obama said over a year ago. It’s taken out of context. And even if it weren’t out of context, he gets the math wrong. None of this will stop teabaggers from whacking off while they watch it.

  • ozzie

    haha keepin it real puttin it down.

  • Miko

    Typical college douche who thinks he’s brilliant but in reality, he has no idea what he’s talking about.

    • Nateb123

      How does he not know what he’s talking about? It’s simple multiplication and division. Anyone with a grade school education could apply common sense to what Obama said with the same conclusion: 100 million is crap all. Now does he know how the balance the budget? No, but he never claimed to. He just offered to give perspective, which he did. Seriously, you Obama lovers make no sense to me, and I’m a Canadian left winger (our conservatives are less conservative than your democrats). Stop pining to give Obama a rimjob and realize he’s just another politician, playing the same political games.

    • AntiMiko

      Well, you certainly proved _your_ point beautifully, clearly, and with visual aids. I have no idea why anyone would tend to think _you_ could be the one who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    • Truth

      It is incorrect because he is referring to last years budget. He claims Obama was only going to cut $10 million, but in reality, Obama went after $100 BILLION.

      THAT is why this kid doesn’t know what he is talking about!

      • Truth

        Dyslexia got the better of me. It was supposed to be $100 million vs $10 BILLION.

        • NichGq

          of course even if he was taking 10 billion out of a 700 billion budget is like taking a cup of water out of a lake. he would only reducing the amount by approximately 1.4%. that is a tiny amount. to keep our country out of increasing deficit he would have to reduce spending by almost 33.33%. in the end these things he does will not put him down in history. His historical profile will read much like others whose ascension to power was facilitated by pop culture and promissory campaigns and not by true ethical intent. Just a thought.

    • adfdsf

      Why don’t you make a video explaining it better?

  • pip


  • douche

    does 100 million amount to nothing? Even when scale is taken into consideration there is a positive delta there. STFU n00b you dont have tits.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Have Americans really forgotten which party and which president got their economy so far up the brown-coloured creek?

    The Republicans and George W Bush are 100% to blame for the disaster that is the US economy.

    Stop whinging about the poor bloke who’s got to fix it!

    • Uncle Fumbles

      I’m for coffee. I’m not for bullshit though.

  • HellHathNoFury

    BEWBS or GTFO!!!!
    promises…broken trust, chive.

  • tugpeters

    who gives a crap about George W Bush at this point. the video never stated any political affiliation, so don’t assume that they like GWB. don’t assume that everyone who is mad about gov’t spending was fine with it under GWB. to make a statement that tax dollar spending is out of control, that politicians are irresponsible, or that special interest groups (non-profit or business) have silenced our voice in gov’t, doesn’t define what party you are affliated with, it only shows that you are paying attention to the perversion in DC. quit backing your guy when he’s wrong, quit hating your neighbor based on assumptions, quit thinking one side has all the answers, and start paying attention to fact that our gov’t is full of elitist career politicians who are playing you.

  • Irwin 109

    America has been financially screwed from the start. First it was with England who said for every £1 we give you you owe us £1 plus interest. America thought “hang on but we’ll never be able to pay that back, we’d just owe more money than we get” so they had war, got independence and set up their own currency and their own system. Their system states that every dollar taken out is owed back to the reserve plus interest. Basically the exact same system just changing the type of currency…

  • Politicians=bad

    For all the people blaming Bush I just want to point out that the problem is not as much the President but the Congress. It is the congress that makes that actual reforms and policies. And since 2006 Democrats have had the majority in congress.

    So since 2006 Democrats have been mostly in charge of our internal and foreign policies. The current problems with the country are more their fault then anyone else because they were the ones in charge of our economic policies for the two years up to the current recession.

    This isn’t to say I liked Bush. He was probably one of the worst presidents in history, but he was coupled with one of the worst Democratic congresses in history. IMO I think we just need to just get rid of everyone in congress and vote in new people. In other words we just need to start with a clean slate.

  • Adam

    I know this is a bit old, but I decided to post this here after reading about the closing of the Fermilab Tetravon particle accelerator… “A bid to extend the Tevatron’s lifetime by three years was denied in January 2011 because the US Department of Energy could not come up with the extra $35m per year required to keep the machine running.”

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